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1/17/2021 c47 2merendinoemiliano
Nice job, curious to see if Lightling will manage to get her team to reason.
1/16/2021 c47 167Shadow Joestar
KO awesome chapter, Natsu and the gang have met with the general seeing the condition Mantle is and hope they will be able help with the Amity Tower plan and keeping the people safe while doing it.
11/28/2020 c46 Guest
Does Roman not know that Cinder is the one responsible for Neo’s death!?
Cinder NEEDS TO DIE! I will be VERY PISSED of this does not happen by the time that the Series is concluded! And it has to be a very PAINFUL DEATH!
11/28/2020 c46 6MajorBrony95
Interesting choices to replace Neo since here, she's dead. Can't wait to see what you change up with Volume 7. Should be starting my JSPR fic soon. Just have a few things to do this weekend.
11/28/2020 c46 167Shadow Joestar
KO awesome chapter, Cinder has teamed up with three dangerous people who want their own goals in Atlas and this might become difficult for our heroes if they should meet soon.
11/28/2020 c46 2merendinoemiliano
Not bad, hoping you're enjoying Volume 8. See you soon.
10/24/2020 c45 6MajorBrony95
Congrats on getting a new chapter out. And the Volume 6 finale RIGHT before 8 too .

I'll probably keep Summer as Ruby's source in mine, but maybe do what you mentioned and have her mentioned a few time before then. Still though, Oscar WILL play a major part if you catch my drift . I also plan on keeping JNR with the party, though they'll be brought to Atlas similarly like the others were here.

Can't wait to see Volume 7!
10/24/2020 c45 2mythicalloop19
Quick question, will some of the kill la kill cast appear in the story?
10/24/2020 c45 167Shadow Joestar
KO awesome chapter, Ruby and friends are going to Atlas hopefully to get the general’s help and probably get some upgrades on their gears too though it’s a little sad that team JNR aren’t coming, their strong spirits will be with them.
10/24/2020 c45 2merendinoemiliano
Very badass job, can't wait to see what's gonna happen and hoping James won't have it that hard. Good work.
8/29/2020 c44 8Spiders123
So it's a noble decision
8/29/2020 c44 6MajorBrony95
Very nice. I was wondering how you would do this scene. Can't wait for the finale and Vol. 7 of this.
8/29/2020 c44 167Shadow Joestar
KO awesome chapter, damn the city is in trouble with the Grimm attacking and hope Natsu and friends will be able to deal with. Nice to see Yang using the Spring Maiden’s power against Adam and kept him alive which is a little understandable that death is too good for him.
8/29/2020 c44 6Infinity Prime
Not bad. Finally, a new chapter! As always, great job.
8/29/2020 c44 2merendinoemiliano
Cool job
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