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9/17/2021 c29 22Irene Sharda
Aww, someone's learning haki early! It makes sense with Luffy learning it so early. Also very good comparison there with Ace waiting for Luffy and Laboon also waiting for someone. And don't worry Zoro, you'll learn Supreme King too. It's going to be great. Get Sanji in there to learn too!
9/16/2021 c29 THEtoken1
I noticed, was really interesting.
9/16/2021 c29 Oracle
This... I've waited so long... And this is what you have to show for it? This absolute complete, god-damned work of art, DAMMIT! Now I feel inferior. :') lolol. But srsly, this work is beautiful, and I'm willing to wait for as long as is necessary. And no, I did not notice that Luffy never said he was hungry until you pointed it out. O.o
Still. Beautiful. Work of Art. That's all I wanted to say. v
9/16/2021 c29 5Joanne Frances Tiano Cajilig
Thank you for continuing this story... :-
9/16/2021 c29 NaRuKo-InuTaiSHo-XD
A really exciting chapter.
Looking forward to the next chapter.
9/16/2021 c29 13Fencer22
Well damn never thought I’d see this again. Great update as alwayse!
9/16/2021 c29 8The Keeper of Worlds
I am so eager for more of this!
9/16/2021 c29 Rijugrim
Prefiero dejar corazón para demostrar lo mucho que me encanta tu historia y lo emocionada que me siento de que halla un nuevo capítulos
Pds: Estoy en clases y por eso no me he tomado el tiempo de traducirlo al inglés. UwU
9/16/2021 c29 aGnamZer0
Me! Or rather, while I never formally noticed, when he said it, I got that impression that it was the first time I've heard this Luffy say that.

This chapter was surprisingly helpful. I wasn't sure anymore whether Luffy revealed things about his past to his crew, but now I'm pretty sure only Sanji knows the truth – though maybe Zoro also knows some things, I'm not sure – I still remember the moment when he saw his mark and their reaction to both of them. And then Sanji went on about feeding Luffy correctly because Luffy obviously wasn't doing so himself and that just deepened my suspicions about him never saying he was hungry. Sanji merely served as confirmation.

Anyway, I also love Crocus. To be honest, I had hoped that we would see him fight, because somehow I'm sure the "And who would that be?" Me." was a complete lie. But maybe not. Is he faking or is he really one of those 'crouching tigers and hidden dragons'?

Thanks for the chapter. You don't know just how many times I checked your profile to see if there was any new update in any of your stories. I just love them so much! Obviously not your newest one 'On the road of life I'm lost (and found)' but that's because like you know, I don't like Kakashi.
8/28/2021 c28 4NymphInTheClouds
So... finally found the time to read this chapter! Only took, well, six months. But life happens! And now I get to treat myself to some high-quality literature.

Starting with the beginning to the single line of ellipses! I smiled a bunch here, not only because Sabo made an appearance, but also because the language you used was evocative. It painted the perfect picture for me. I could sense the anxiousness (or whatever word fits better for this situations) of the crew, and the count of seconds really added onto the feeling.

Now after the ellipses, to wherever my tangent comes to an end—
I love the crew's reaction to Luffy's no-context affection towards Sabo, especially with the former not even mentioning anything about his brother and jumping straight to speak about the Grand Line Luffy's characterization is just so accurate. I totally feel Nami in this scene too, where she kind of wants to pull her hair out because of Luffy being... oblivious seems like it fits.

"I'm Sabo, Luffy's older brother." I knew who he was before, but reading it made me smile so much ;w; He's the best.

The 'launching ceremony' was so nostalgic to read. It really makes me wanna watch or read one piece again c: Sad that Sabo isn't a permanent addition, but also understandable for a chief of staff Dragon-fanboy.

Nami and Luffy's banter about Reverse Mountain being a mystery mountain is adorable. I really like Sabo's input here, too. The crew's reaction to Sabo living in the Grand Line is adorable and made me smile.

"We can't cheat!" I almost feel like a broken record for calling things adorable but I love how innocent Luffy sounds right here. Calm beltcheating is very accurate.

Nami's reaction to being praised literally creates serotonin, thus fueling my happiness c: the comment on Luffy's praise reminding her of Bellemere is bittersweet, I think. It was a really nice thing to add in.

Throwback to what I said about your language in the beginning, because your description of the weather is super satisfying to read. Your description made the storm feel dangerous and unending, to me. 'Tempestuous' is something I haven't really read much before, and it made me happy seeing it. (Following few sentences have been redacted, as I gushed about why I liked a single word.)

I've never really imagined Sabo with an aristocratic vibe, but it does make sense with his speech and clothing, I don't think I would've realized it without Nami pointing it out (which is a good thing, because I'm terrible and reading between the lines)

Luffy nearly going down in the water made my anxiety spike ;w; I'm so happy he's okay!

"At this altitude..." This whole paragraph is simple and beautiful. I really enjoyed it, and the paragraph before it was super good too, but this one I just needed to comment on. You wrote it amazingly.

"The greatest sea in the world..." Luffy's slightly diminished excitement here, and the reminders in the next two paragraphs make me feel for him so much. He deserves all the hugs, love, and freedom 3 I love how the following text shows how much his friends love and care for him, it's super sweet.

Picturing Ace roasting marshmallows over a burned building is beautiful, made even more beautiful by what the building was (and I know he was roasting them over a bonfire... but still, picturing the building instead.) This whole scene is really cathartic after everything that happened to Luffy when he was younger, and it's nice that Ace has a chance to get some feelings out. I love how sweet he was to the kid, too, giving the boy his last marshmallow.

Luffy hearing Laboon's voice is a really nice touch, and I kinda feel for the latter after getting a blast of haki.

"It's gone now," jokes on you Sabo, you just got eaten.

Super excited for more 3 I really enjoyed reading, as always. Thankyou!

8/23/2021 c1 Guest
One of the best i have ever read , i'm a little sad that the pace is slow because i will not be Able to read chapter with jimbe and hancock . Still best fanfic for one piece for me
8/19/2021 c28 ashoooo
omg I can't for the next update!
8/10/2021 c28 Dark Red Knight of Fiction
please continue I wanna see them get chopper and meet ace and law
8/3/2021 c1 Crilliam8898
This is a fantastic story and I really do hope you continue it!
8/2/2021 c1 yale
i hate you so much. your story is so beautiful and so sad that i hate it. you made me hate this so much. i am crying from this and cant stop and its your fault. thank you for such an amazing sory. i look forward to this and other projects.
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