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for Boy With a Scar

9/18 c1 realfan16
Somehow this whole trauma cluster fuc of a chapter passed thru and i can only thinking of one thing...'regardless of genderstares hard* I'll hold u on that *stares harder*
8/28 c22 naruto fanficfan
man stop USSOP he's spoiling the plot
8/14 c31 Guest
7/15 c31 yayoi-mochi17
oh Robin ... I hope you ok
7/15 c15 yayoi-mochi17
no worries! with or without ship, I can handle it! if the story piqued my interest, then I don't care if it contain romance or not! >:D
7/13 c31 al881367
I really like this story is interesting you'll update it right?
7/10 c31 Lusa
I like this story very 's really nice to see Luffy Sabo Ace all three are well.I wish the three of them could meet in there won't be a forward to the next update
7/9 c31 elbichouchiha
I loved the chapter, I love this story. Every day that passes I get more impatient for the next chapter
7/9 c31 EliraMargaux
I love your story ! When are you going to update it ? Are you going to continue this story ?
6/18 c30 spiderfanboi
god damn we got an early peak at GOD USOPP and it was all because some bounty hunters were boutta wake up his captain. fucking love this story so much
6/17 c31 Terracotta Tortilla
Oh. Oh, no .. She touched his hat. Great story so far.
6/9 c31 3Ryan Mashall
It's Robin! her arrival was always the one that ruffled te most feathers haha
6/9 c29 Ryan Mashall
Who knew that sabo would end up being a good mentor for zoro
6/9 c28 Ryan Mashall
im interested in the other voices luffy mentioned hearing. i also love the crew's reactions to finding out new things about their captain, nice job!
5/7 c31 Hexe-Kira
I love it so much
Please continue 333
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