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for Boy With a Scar

5/6 c1 tobitto
Damn, wish this story got updated more often
5/5 c31 8Caraline Fisher
Wonderful as always sorry it took me a bit to catch up this time see you soon I hope!
5/4 c31 SocietyEnder
One Punch Man reference, Nice
5/1 c31 Dreams and Fantasy
Noooo this was so good I'm glad I found it. I love dark luffy. I hope robin doesn't get hurt to much. Can't wait for the next chapter!
4/26 c28 Guest
“Ne, Sabo. I don’t think he liked that.” Hahahhahahahaha omg I’m in tears!
4/26 c27 Guest
are you gonna write about Sabo and Ace meeting up? I think it would be fun if he just shows up on the Moby Dick (because 1) the absolute chaos of the whitebeards 2) Ace having an emotional break down and switching between being furious at Sabo and like chasing him around the Moby to the confusion of everyone. And also Ace really needs to have a good heart to heart moment. But it would also be cool if they all met up in Alabasta!
4/26 c23 Guest
Ayye! Good job author! This story is pretty awesome so far! I’m curious about how they are going get the handcuffs off of Law though. And how Law is going to get back to the North Blue. Poor Bepo is probably panicking. Now, let’s see Luffy kick some ass!
4/25 c13 Guest
Woohooo! Wing man Luffy for the win! Hahahahahhaha! This story is SUPER amazing! I like how you are keeping Luffy’s overall personality and incorporating his new trauma. I am excited to see how he is gonna act towards Arlong, and the other villains in the story. Oh will the Celestial Dragons recognize Luffy’s power? Will CP-0 try to capture Luffy? How is Luffy gonna handle going to Sabody? Oh oh! Robin, Franky and Viví would recognize the Slave mark! Are you gonna have any of them see it?
4/22 c31 4HollowSea
Uh ohhhh what's gonna happen to robinnnn
4/21 c31 Muhammad Ibrahim Faisal
Amazing chapter my guy
I really like this story a lot
4/20 c31 8Aquarica
Oop, looks like Luffy is a bit angry. I like the idea of Sabo just following them around being like 'yup this seems legit.' Nice chapter
4/20 c1 Zorojuro115
I really like the story so far, I can’t wait for the arcs to come, like the skypia arc were Luffy will have to deal with “GOD” Eneru, his reaction to that will definitely be interesting, there’s also sabaody, speaking of sabaody that’s going to be VERY interesting for Luffys character, I'm sure you’ll make very interesting character developments in the future, I’m interested to see how you’ll handle the haki development in the crew however I ask that you not fully have them master it until after the time skip, maybe you just give them observation (I’m essentially asking that you not make them overpowered, if you do boost there power a considerable amount though then you WILL need to do it for the villains as well, because if they face no struggles and no challenges the story will become redundant and boring).
Also you REALLY shouldn’t have Luffy kill every main main villain in each arc, for example the current villain crocodile CANT be killed because he comes into play later in the story in marine ford, Lucci becomes a member of CP0, Eneru… well I’m not to sure about him but I suppose we’ll have to wait and see if he comes back in cannon, also in Marineford you SHOULD have ace die, it’s an essential part of Luffys character development in canon, it’ll be interesting to see how you handle Sabo in that arc, I just feel that if ace lives then It will diverge from the canon to much.
I know I’m thinking FAR ahead of we’re you are now with the story and I know it’ll take you a long time to get to we’re I am talking but still, just trying to give you a heads up.
Anyway I’m really enjoying the story so far, keep it up
4/19 c31 Wishfull-star
That was outstanding I loved the chapter and I can't wait for whatever happens next stay safe:)
4/15 c31 blasterdog
Oh she finna get hurt… great chapter
4/14 c31 17The-Ghoul-Aj717
I have no words to describe how this chapter came out except... It's an amazingly good surprise... I really love this story even more, it's just an amazing epic masterpiece in the making.
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