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8/28/2017 c12 7socalrose
It's nice to read something a little lighthearted for a change. Always love a protective Fili.
Thanks for sharing!
6/26/2017 c12 11erebororbust
Absolutely love this. Great job! Made my day :D
2/7/2016 c12 900DarylDixon'sgirl1985
Aw! This was a wonderful story. I really enjoyed reading it. Great job.
2/7/2016 c11 DarylDixon'sgirl1985
Yay! Fili found Kili's bow. Great chapter.
2/7/2016 c10 DarylDixon'sgirl1985
Great chapter.
2/7/2016 c9 DarylDixon'sgirl1985
That was a cool chapter. Someone being more scared of Fili than Smaug.
2/7/2016 c8 DarylDixon'sgirl1985
Great chapter.
2/7/2016 c7 DarylDixon'sgirl1985
Aw! Fili gave up his toy for Kili. Great chapter.
2/7/2016 c6 DarylDixon'sgirl1985
Aw! So cute. Great chapter.
2/7/2016 c5 DarylDixon'sgirl1985
Fili is like the best older brother ever. I also enjoyed how you had Bombur leave Fili something to eat at the end. Great chapter.
2/7/2016 c4 DarylDixon'sgirl1985
I enjoyed this chapter a lot. I can actually see Fili lying for Kili like that. Great chapter.
2/7/2016 c3 DarylDixon'sgirl1985
Great chapter.
2/7/2016 c2 DarylDixon'sgirl1985
Aw! Protective Fili is so cute. Taking on four other boys. How sweet of him. Great chapter.
2/7/2016 c1 DarylDixon'sgirl1985
This is a great beginning to the story. It really sets the pace for what will happen. Great story so far.
2/7/2016 c12 Mjean
Too bad we never got to see Kili taking care of Fili. Well, not surprising since Kili never once even says Fili's name a single, solitary time in close to nine hours of film in this trilogy. He does not show much concern for his brother ever in any of the three movies. That is too bad as well.
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