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2/9/2016 c1 74Extreme Light 9
This was a really good one-shot! :)
2/9/2016 c1 SuperSmashJacob
2/9/2016 c1 46Alisi Thorndyke
Man, its been a long time since I read anything here lol! I should be ashamed of myself lol, but I will always be a fan of any stories you write. :) I just need to back track to your gala entries the next free moment you get.

With the show ending, that will make the fandom stick together that much more and it is thanks to you guys (all of us fans) and this show that I have such great friends now. :) I will always consider you guys my friends even after the finale :)

But great job girly! :) Hit me up on DA when you get the moment. :)

Alisi Thorndyke :)
2/8/2016 c1 King of France
All I'm going to say is this: it's "at all." Two words. Not one.

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