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for A Lost KF

1/6/2018 c3 Tala White 14
Wally could have literally just vibrated in place to burn all the calories he was eating. But I guess that might have qualified as cheating. Entertaining crossover, though.
9/17/2016 c3 12socialgirl378
Wow. I actually like how the story went. It was humorous and light-hearted. Plus, I love the whole eating competition face-off between Allen and Wally. These two do eat a lot after all. If Wally's friends were there with him in the DGM universe, I bet they would be surprised of meeting another bottomless pit as well. Though, I think it would be topped off with Mgann's green appearance. Why do I feel like Lavi would try to hit on the girls of the Team? Well, anyway this was a nice story.
7/10/2016 c1 1CherepMikhailov
Yes... i Never thought of auch an brilliant Idee. compliments
6/29/2016 c3 Sheherezade-Solomon
This was great! Absolutely love it, pbut can i ask one more chapter pleaseeeeee?! It doesent has to be long, i just want to read the reactions of The Team when they heard about the battle of Wally, i think its worth it plsssss
3/10/2016 c2 Sheherezade-Solomon
Oh! So funny! I cant wait to the next one, this is really interesting
2/21/2016 c1 10Anime hotty lover.18
Yay! I'm not the only one. Can't wait to see what you do next.
2/21/2016 c1 Sheherezade-Solomon
Ohh! I want more, and at some point that the crew goes to Kid flash time! Please?,
In an eating contest, i think Wally would eat faster, but Allen probably more food.
Btw, are you going to put yaoi in here? Im a Yullen shipper, but i think that they arent really meant to be lovey-dovey... Just a little.
But great work, i didnt se any OCCness either!

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