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for The Last Speedster

4/28 c16 4Mrtyu666
how would Wally's time travel affect conner like that? I mean, he should only influence events after the time he traveled to
4/28 c10 Mrtyu666
they are basically just the Regime from Injustice, except less extreme
11/12/2020 c1 Guest
So sorry that you are not writing any more
7/10/2020 c20 Guest
Dad died after argument and he’s not fast enough. Sighhhh. So cliche. Can’t read.
7/10/2020 c19 Guest
Just a bunch of author fiat that he didn’t say anything, and continues not to. No reason but you wanted angst plot and forced yourself to write it. Author fiat.
6/28/2020 c1 Guest
This is probably the third or fourth time I’m re-reading this. It’s been some time but I just wanted you to know that I consider this to be one of the best if not the best fanfic I have ever read.
5/27/2020 c26 writetothebitterend
This story is one of the best I ever read! Every second of it was amazing, and I love it so much. Your writing style is so lovely, and I hope you’re aware of how talented you are and how extraordinary this story is in every aspect of it. Fantastic job
5/5/2020 c20 Guest
Your confusing the dc universe with harry potter. In the dcverse meeting yourself during time travel doesnt cause a paradox
5/4/2020 c10 Guest
Its a canon fact that for a speedster to time travel they have to be running in the vicinity of 2500mph and draw on the speedforce. In this case wally has the tachyon emitters and the zeta beam energy to make up up for the fact he cant tap into the speedforce but hed still need to be running AT LEAST 2000mph also you say he needs to run 500mph to time travel and say its faster the wally had ever run before but young justice canon has his top speed as a bit over mach 1 if he pushes him self so lets be cautious and say 850-1000 is the range of speed he can run in mach1 btw is 768mph
5/4/2020 c26 Fantastic Fire
I personally love subbing Artemis for Linda. Linda has never been much Better than just a bunch of tropes slung together in my opinion but damn that was so sweet i got a cavity. Brilliant story! Hope you’re having a good quarantine!
4/29/2020 c26 KindahatethatImadethis
Read this whole thing in one night. It was awesome. I wish we’d gotten more spitfire during the story tho and am living for these epilogues starring them. So yeah, I definitely want more of that.
4/22/2020 c26 16Rhaella Tully
Great chapter!
4/19/2020 c26 OgFrosty
i like the epilogues a lot
4/17/2020 c26 1LuzChaplin
"The demons in white" omg, it would be great to have more spitfire and the twins shots.
4/16/2020 c26 Guest
Que bonito!, Love the prompt of the twins
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