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9/29/2019 c2 4Saphira455
If you're ever interested in continuing this one, I'd love to read it.
I'd check out your other stories, but sadly they aren't from things I know well enough to really enjoy.
2/16/2019 c2 72oceanole
itu si sans suudzon aja kerjaannya anjir, kesal.

sorry, i was annoyed at sans for letting it happen. here, his apathy is insufferable, ugh.

nice job author!
1/11/2018 c2 1Dragonjek
Sorry, Frisk.

Turns out survival instinct can't be overcome just by consciously desiring death.

Maybe next time you can stay with the ones who would want to be a real family to you.
9/17/2016 c2 Lazyreader288
Damn this is so good please continue
9/3/2016 c1 2moocow4me
Please update! This story is so good and it's relate able from both ends.
8/29/2016 c1 1luna sage
Hope to see an update on this story soon, absolutely love it so far and am loving your other stories :)
8/16/2016 c2 9MysNight
I felt sick reading this, not in the disgusted way, but in the way "I've been on both ends before." I know that sinking feeling of knowing someone and talking to them when they just want to die. I also know the feeling of being tired. You portrayed both side perfectly in my opinion.
6/12/2016 c2 dynamitestars
UPDAAAAAAAaaaaaatttt tttt te
4/17/2016 c2 ecstatic
I really like this story, you're actually pretty good at conveying feelings caused by depression- I should know, I have depression (its diagnosed). There were some missing details though that will need to be explained. I hope you continue it as it ended at a bit of a cliffhanger and needs a lot explained. A lot. Overall I'd give this an 8.6/10 due to some details that need to be explained. I think that it you continued this it would make for a really amazing story so it's be great if you continued or (at least) create an epilogue. Anywho~ I hope to see more of your amazing writting in the future! Sayonara~!
4/14/2016 c2 2Sevvus
I would like more of this. I want Sans to remember what happens fully and try to find out whats wrong, and for him to care about frisk and save them!
i mean i would really love to see her brother and father get dunked on...just saying...
4/9/2016 c2 Guest
rEaL sHaMe ThErE aRe No [yeah no you can't read what was here], hUh? WeLl IdLe WiShEs NeVeR dId AnYoNe GoOd. NoT tHaT iT mAtTeRs. 0_0
3/18/2016 c2 Guest
wow, was not expecting that
3/19/2016 c2 3Senchou-Mugiwara-No-Luffy
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I expected a happy ending XD! Great story c: it was wonderful and I loved it!
3/19/2016 c2 Inacaccoun
Will it actually do a total reset or load from the last save point?
3/19/2016 c2 3maybemochas
*screaming very hard*
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