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for Trials of the Light

10/3/2016 c3 1Lazypersons
Great chapter really liked Avarek's intro. Don't know if it is just me but I just keeper picturing a miniature Taniks don't know why though. Oh and when the hunter fell on the steps all I could picture was bemax brim big hero 6 on low battery trying to go up the stairs. All in all loved the chapter and can't wait to see where Avarek next bounty will lead him.
2/11/2016 c1 Lazypersons
Good intro can't wait to see where this leads. On another note if you are going to use the hunter I gave you in the last story I thought I should probably tell you what class he is( if you didn't give him one already) I would like him to be a nightstalker but if you are not using classes from the taken king then gunslinger. Like I said it is up to you rather way I know you will make a greate story that I will enjoy reading.

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