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3/15 c29 5sailorpriestess
Wow blythe is being a disrespectful little shit. Kagome has always been a good friend and shes always gets shit on. I hope she gets a happy ending
12/8/2017 c29 Sageofchaos
hope to read more.
10/9/2017 c29 7MagicInTheStars
Well then...
9/27/2017 c24 marushumnluvr4eva
i did NOT see that coming! Sesshou has a daughter he doesn't know about. he gon be PISSED!
9/26/2017 c22 Guest
The ending of this chapter posses me off to be honest.
Not even gonna bother reading the rest. - . -
9/25/2017 c29 Guest
Love it!
9/24/2017 c28 5sailorpriestess
Jaken is being an idiot lol but sesshomaru should have cared for him more than he did. Kagome is a little oc but im still enjoying the story. I feel like i missed a few chapters so i think ill reread this story because its been a long while since i read it and kimda forgot how the plot went but i always love rereading good stories.
9/23/2017 c28 Guest
I apologize in advance but this story is a mess.
There are too many OCs and too many instances of cannon characters acting out if character. Kagome is beyond irritating along with the hordes of OCs.
I apologize again but I cannot continue reading this anymore.
9/23/2017 c28 yaoi4adollar
Oh boy jaken. Hope he doesn't care too much stuff up
Lovely chapters. Can't wait for more
9/22/2017 c1 JadeH17
The longer this story goes, the more batshit Kagome gets. I'm really starting to think that this story would have been better if it had ended a few chapters ago. The only sane ones are Sesshomaru and Akuma. Also, there's a thing where it's a fine line between too many characters and too many characters. This one crossed it a while back. I'd also be careful with putting too many modern views on Kagome who was never in a modern era. Her thoughts and requirements would be weird for a human in that time period. She's also a whiny hypocrite who wants Sesshomaru to just ask her whenever he should do something so that it can then be a disaster because, she isn't very intelligent when it comes to strategy and ruling. And having good relationships. Shocker.
9/21/2017 c25 Guest
Love it! This chapter is so interesting. Love sess's character development and complexity. You are so good at developing the story. I get so emotionally invested in it. At the beginning I actually got mad at sess because kagome seemed annoyed at him. But after the confession and everything I felt bad that I was so mad at sesshomaru.
9/21/2017 c26 K
I actually totally love this. It was so interesting from beginning to end. Still like the romance and chemistry between kagome and sess but I love how that's not the main plot. Love how it's more of a side plot that actually drives the main plot rather than it just being a lemon. I couldn't put this story down. Loved how it was written and loved how much work and effort was put into it. I'm super curious on what's going to happen now. And honestly, in this chapter sess's character is so believable. Doesn't seem ooc at all. I can actually imagine sess behaving and acting the way he did in the story if he went through the same things.
Absolutely loved it so so much and I so loved that u updated the story even thought you haven't updated it in so long. I'm so super interested.
9/17/2017 c26 yaoi4adollar
Last two chapters were awesome. Sesshy is so awesome. More angst please.
9/17/2017 c26 7MagicInTheStars
It's good that you updated. I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say we thought you were dead. Compelling chapter. Keep up the good work and update soon.
9/16/2017 c25 Den9756
I really dislike that everyone treats Sesshomaru this way. His life was repeatedly made a hell by those he should have been able to trust. But none have ever said any acknowledgement or apologies, just that he should get over it and hug everybody. Kagome is one of the biggest hypocrites ever along with Inutaisho. He cared about everyone else but Sesshomaru. I don't think Kagome loves him, she just wants to change him into her own creation. No one is as cruel to him right now as she is. All evening she's implied that what he has been through doesn't matter, they're family. The name should be, how to continue destroying Sesshomaru in a thousand different ways so he can be the great guy we want to make after successfully destroying him. I don't usually like Sesshomaru that much, but in this story he's been constantly shit on while everyone feels self-righteous about it.
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