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4/4/2017 c6 14Rufescent
Noooo. I desperately need more of this story. As soon as possible (which honestly just means as soon as you are able to update, just as long as you do indeed update this glorious story). I'm loving the Hufflepuff!Alfred, and it's great reading about a (more than usual) prickly Arthur. They're really a match made in hell, aren't they? Yeesh, I love those dorks. Please, please keep writing! I can't wait to not only see how the Tournament will go, but also the cheesy romance and definitely also the Quidditch game. And, of course, the coming babies will be great!

Please update as soon as you're able to!
12/11/2016 c6 PruCan Sam
You said skip, but I couldn't resist.

You were right to put this in the Hetalia section. Had you used HP characters as well as Hetalia, then I'd see a problem. But, you only used the universe. This is an AU Hetalia fic, so you're in the clear.

There's also apparently a No Smut rule(or was when I read ToS a couple years ago), and I am pretty sure that those ffs make up at least half of this site. Purely "mislabeling" a story isn't going to lead to any punishment, seeing as they're still around and a much more serious violation... Quite frankly, no one cares.

I love all your stories and just wanted to say keep at it and don't let sore people bring you down. :D
12/13/2016 c6 7Mayumi Sato


Finally, Arthur and Alfred are starting to become friends! This makes me so happy!

Also, I'm really curious to see who made Arthur enter the Triwizard Tournament and to see why Arthur is so embarassed about liking magical creatures!

This a wonderful, lovely, fun story and thank you so much for writting this!
12/11/2016 c1 Guest
This fic is not in the proper category. It needs to be in the Crossover section as it is using Harry Potter's world and with the cast of Hetalia. Check the Rules and Guidelines page: General Rules: 3. Entry must be placed in proper category. No exceptions. (www dot fanfiction dot net / guidelines /)

Please move this to the right category as it does not belong in this archive but the archive for crossovers with Harry Potter.

Please respect the site's rules from now on. They are there for a reason after all. Your story isn't the only thing at risk of removal. Your account could be suspended or deleted too. Doesn't always happen, but it does occur from time to time depending on what the admins decide. Better safe than sorry later.
12/7/2016 c5 D
Ahh I love this fic so much! It has been a very enjoyable read thus far.

Just as a note, could you consider including the translations for different languages? Maybe just shove them at the bottom of the chapter or something. Either way, can't wait for the next chapter!
12/5/2016 c5 Margaret
Fuuuuuck this story is so good. But I do really want to wring Arthur's neck, that little shit dick. After he cursed a defenseless Alfred like that, if that had been me, I would have never forgiven him and had devoted the rest of my life to ruining him. But then again, I guess that's why I'm slytherin and not hufflepuff.
12/4/2016 c5 2Crimson cat angel
Can't wait to read more
12/4/2016 c5 35Zeplerfer
Oooh, I like the idea of Alfred being kinda crappy at wizarding except for really important moments when he busts out something incredible. And just like a Hufflepuff to not ask for any acknowledgement of what he did. I do kinda wonder what he sees in an asshole like Arthur (other than the obvious lust), but I'm looking forward to seeing more of Arthur's good side. Somehow I get the sense it make take awhile :P

The Franada is also very cute! I love the idea of them just sitting around and chatting about what idiots Alfred and Arthur are. Yay for cross-house romance!
12/4/2016 c5 2anikidazo
i havent read this fic but im so glad that i just did! cant wait for more. thanks so much for all your hard work on it! x
9/27/2016 c4 SparklePaws
I lost interest in HP after the fifth book and now you've addicted me to AUs I never thought I'd even care about!
6/19/2016 c4 7Mayumi Sato
6/3/2016 c4 Emeraldinhereyes
I totally didnt realize you'd updated! But oh Shit son it's heating up! Alfreds captain, facing Arthur head on, Arthur is actually a human... Gahh I'm so excited!
5/3/2016 c4 Starfins
Seeker vs seeker, eh? And aspirations to be the direct rival of the legendary Arthur Kirkland? Alfred's self confidence is on the rise, even to the point that he thinks he'll give Arthur a run for his money. Though it seems that the Hufflepuff's rise in popularity is in direct opposition to Arthur's plan to forgive and forget. But maybe Alfred is okay with that. After all, Arthur can't very well forget him when he's stealing his thunder. And I'm sure in true Hufflepuff spirit, Alfred believes his rising star will not only make Arthur forgive him, but like him as well. We'll see.
5/3/2016 c3 Starfins
Very interesting how Alfred and Arthur both excel in magical creature care. It may be the one thing they have in common and, even then, they're exact opposites in their methods. However, what may be even more interesting is the fact that Arthur's excellence in this particular class is what finally gets a rise out of Alfred. And that's really a good thing. Not only does the Arthur worship need to stop, but he could use a spark in his personality. Perhaps then Arthur could remember his name.
5/2/2016 c4 person 1
ah this story is so lovely. I love your premise, and how I can just see you weaving together plot points. I feel like this is going to be a really great story! Please, please update soon.
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