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7/24 c1 Verify123
Damn 5 years but it final done it really was a ride
7/11 c62 2Franco Romano
Perdon si hablo en espaƱol. No manejo el ingles muy bien.
Aunque me defiendo.
Muy buena historia.
Un saludo.
6/18 c3 Engie main
Oh! Combustionbending.
5/4 c62 Juxshoa
Man. after so long this story is finally done. And it was amazing! Thank you for sticking through to the end!
4/27 c62 5Brian Awesome
This has been an excellent journey.

To be honest, I feel let down that this will not venture into the Future Timeline saga.. where Azula and a small crew would have made it to the Z-Earth, and Azula would have become a second wife to Vegeta. Or if Future Dr Gero's spy bugs would have picked up on some bending thus enabling Cell to be able to use all four elements and all sub elements, by the time he reaches his perfect form in the present timeline. I also imagined that Future General Zao (from Book 1 of Avatar) would have been freed from the Spirit world, and converted into an Android... and led an invasion force (including Adroids 13 - 16, & 19) into space to undo all the good of this story (throughout the galaxy... as 17 and 18 terrorize current earth as Future Azula, Trunks, Gohan, Azula, and Mai are the only notable fighters left. Not to mention.. Majin Azula vs Mai and Ty Lee And Majin Azula AND Vegeta both self destructing to try and stop Buu... Or the Mastered SSJ3 Grade 3 Daughter of Vegeta & Azula.. being practically dead even with Beerus in Battle of Gods.. The Legend of Korra taking place after "End of Z" & b4 the 100 yr timeskip... alternate Avatar/Star Wars events in the other 11 universes, one where Vader-Vatu won and Zenos had destroyed the extra 8 universes for that reason...etc...

But this journey has been a wild ride, for me as a fanfict reader.. who has followed this story continuity for years, and this must have been a rollar coaster ride (to say the least) for you in coming up with this, maintaining this story, and finding some way to end this story. But thank you for all that u have given us. For using your imaginative eye as a window, to introduce us to another realm of possibility of existence. As a Vulcan from Star Trek would say, Live Long and Prosper. Until we meet again.
3/15 c62 5daveshan
Sorry I didn't give my review earlier. I was in Israel all last week.

Really good finisher. I liked the back and forth between Luke and Vader and the creative way they used the force with their bending. The light sabers made out of lightning was especially creative.

Katara using bloodbending to keep Aang's heart going is something I wish she had done to Zuko after her fight with Azula in the canon finale to keep him alive. A lot of people thought she was going to have to do that.

Speaking of Azula, nice call-back to the season 2 finale to finish off Vader. Didn't see it coming until it happened. Shame that Mara ended up with her. I looked her up after you told me who she was and she and Luke were really sweet together.

Space battle clean up after the Death Star was obvious, but still nice.

Loved that last line of Thrawn's. Very, very well done. Also like seeing that the one commander survived and is as competent as ever. Always liked seeing that. The bad guys having commanders who, while not necessarily Thrawn, are brave, loyal, and can think on their feet.

All-in-all, I really liked this crossover. It may have worked better in its own vacuum rather than in conjunction with the DBZ ones as all but a few things required DBZ's influence to be there. The way the benders stayed a respectable threat to the Empire despite their much lower tech was well done and Aang realistically would have lost most of his pacifism in all of this chaos.

A few critiques for the overall story:
1. Thrawn, as much as I loved him, didn't really need to be there. Other than that really great line at the end, there's nothing that happened that he had to be the one to be there to do.

2. The spirits abandoning the world was left hanging. I get why you made the spirits that way. However, from a storytelling standpoint, it feels like the world just shrugged its shoulders at their abandonment.

3. The study of benders went nowhere. At the start of the Empire's invasion, it looked like you were going to have imperial scientists put some biological mechanism behind bending that could be quantified. It wasn't huge, but you put a bit of emphasis on it.

4. The Saiyan 'threat' vanished. Yes, there was a lot of stuff that happened. But it seems that the reason for why the AtLA!Earth was the way it was at the start just poofed away.

Like I said, all-in-all, good story.
3/13 c62 Evenstar
Awesome story!
3/8 c62 AverageJoe
Aww so sequel? I was really hoping for some kind of reunion between Aang and Goku at the very least. Hell I was expecting for Vader to being forced to retreat and ending up running into Babadi and ends up being enslaved by him.

I really do hope someone else writes a sequel to this or that in future you feel like writing another short installment to this universe.
3/7 c62 15Kung-fu Blaziken
Now my only question is what will end up happening to Vaatu...
3/7 c62 13FutureShock
This was a great story and as much as I'll miss reading new chapters the story ended on a great note. I would love to see more from the universe you weaved, but I can understand not wanting to continue. Still I look forward to your next fanfic, whatever that may be!
3/7 c62 704The Cowardly Christian
Well, I'm satisifed with it!

Great conclusion!

...it'll be awhile before I can start my story, computer problems AND I got a PATREON commission! YES!

...so, sorry about that.

Best of luck to whatever yo do next!

I can't remember, did you say you were thinking of doing a korra sequel/au to book four where the spirits take advantage of Kuvira's actions to invade Republic city? ...Or am I thinking of someone else?
3/7 c62 2LightSpecter141
Shame you're not making a sequel. I would have loved to see how Earth had progressed in The Legend of Korra.
3/1 c61 Guest
Wow! Amazing! This is most definitely one of the best Star Wars/Avatar crossover ever!
3/1 c61 15Kung-fu Blaziken
(Reads chapter title)

(reads end of chapter)
2/23 c61 5daveshan
Way to break it, Leia. Couldn't have pulled back once Mon Martha's fleet showed up and attacked the conventional way. Yoda'd still be alive, Aang wouldn't have been thrashed to near-death, and you'd still have Home One.

These fight scenes are getting better and better. And I like how you're not forgetting that Vader just battled Sidious, endured the Death Star's destruction, and is now fighting strong foes. Lots of people forget that sort of thing when they're having a character fight several fights in a row.

I thought you'd just have Aang and Luke fight together. Fusing them was something I did not expect.

Last thing, I noticed a distinct lack of Iroh. A powerful and skilled fighter like him sure would be useful. Unless he's the type of person who lets others, including his nephew, do the fighting for him while he manipulates and plays both sides of the conflict. :p

Great chapter. Ballpark, how many more are left and what happened to that one admiral that was commanding Vader's first super star destroyer? The one he hoped he wouldn't have to kill? Did he die when it crashed into the Death Star?
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