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10/23/2017 c9 40Jeneral2885
Excellent description
6/29/2016 c3 Guest
I like the way you write. I started watching a couple of weeks ago and am now at the beginning of season 5. I also wish you owned it so there would be 100 more episodes. I started this after watching Haven and didn't have any expectations that this would hold my interest because I had felt invested in the lives of the people of Haven. Well, fool me. This show is excellent.
6/5/2016 c11 24CileSuns92
So, I just finished rewatching S5 today and your story makes me want to start again from the beginning. I'm loving all this instrospection and the long looks between these two, at a time when they were still strangers and yet they got each other.

Also, I'm loving how they both annoy the other and can make them uncomfortable, pushing their boundaries while they both feel warmth and safety at the same time. We all know the progression of facts, but I'm loving your analysis more and more. Keep up the good work!

Thank you for posting, even if you were late to the party!
5/30/2016 c11 simonescully
Still very enjoying each chapter, and it's getting hard to comment on them without being repetitive! I loved this current. If I ever stop commenting, it's not because I did not like, it is because I am speechless, right?
5/30/2016 c11 6Almariado
This was my favourite chapter so far.
Loved the way Peter used Walter to get Olivia into letting him drive.
And Olivia's hardly contained irritation when Peter started fumbling with the mirrors and
the driver's seat of her car, that was priceless :)
I started laughing when I read that part, it was so Olivia.
Very well done, you got their little quirks brilliantly in yet another amazing missing scene.
I can't wait to read the interrogation scene!
5/29/2016 c11 4CelticCrossings
Love it! I'm so sad Fringe ended, I loved the show. So glad to see people posting new stuff!
5/22/2016 c10 6Almariado
I finally got to read your new chapter,
imagine how happy I was to see that you had written a 'missing scene' yay!
And on top of it, something I wish they had included in the Pilot.
What happened after Olivia got out of the tank, so double yay!
You came up with a scene that does entirely justice to not only those two,
but also with what happened on the episode.
Wonderful chapter, you delivered again, kudos to you.

Just a small remark, Peter was left-handed, if I'm not mistaken.
So, wouldn't it make more sense if he took out the sensors with his left hand instead of his right?
It's only a small detail, nothing much :)
5/20/2016 c10 simonescully
Very good! Olivia's pride and stubbornness is incredibly accurate! It ended up being condescending. Very cute him tickling her! Loved it!
5/19/2016 c10 fringelawyer
Bravo! Wonderful scene filling following Olivia's exit from the tank. You were presented with a tabula rasa for the time between Olivia saying "I saw him!" and the shift to the FBI office, and you filled in the blanks with great skill and humor while keeping to the underlying natures of the characters as developed by Anna and Josh.
4/25/2016 c1 ayavalla
Reader here. It's never too late to write fanfic. I just re-watched this show this past week and I was jonesing for some new fic. Thank you. It's always a pleasure to find new stuff in old fandoms.
4/25/2016 c9 Almariado
Great chapter as always.

Your analysis of the scene when Olivia enters the tank for the first time is outstanding.
I loved how you wrote Peter's inner thoughts about the reason to stay in Boston even if he already knew that Olivia had nothing to hold him there. It baffled him. He felt the need to stay, but he couldn't understand why he felt that way and why he also felt the need to be there for Olivia.
My own opinion is that he also felt drawn towards her. She is a force of nature and an extraordinary woman. I think Peter also noticed that by the way she relentlessly tried to save the man that she loved at the time, risking her life and sanity in the process. It was one of the reasons he stayed. He wanted to be near Olivia because he was fascinated by her.
Anyhow, once again you did a remarkable job depicting another iconic scene of Fringe.

And by the way, the first version of the chapter was also excellent, but it's your premise to change whatever you want in your story. Besides, this version is even better :)

Keep them coming!
4/13/2016 c9 simonescully
I disagree with the "care behavior" of Peter. I think he was more curious, than concerned, about the consequence of the Walter's madness and Olivia's stubbornness. Even though different from my view, I liked the chapter! :D
4/3/2016 c8 Almariado
'Missing Scenes' are one of my favourite kind of stories.
You did great with this one, it was an immense pleasure reading another chapter of your story.
I feel like I keep repeating myself, but you do really capture these two and their interactions masterfully.
This could have been a real scene from the pilot, that's how good you did it.

Keep them coming, I'll be waiting for more :)
4/2/2016 c8 simonescully
Continuing reading ... still enjoying every chapter!
I can also see this "scene" going on in my head! Even in the tank scene, it really was quite concerned and calm her, no longer mad. Scene perfectly plausible!
3/31/2016 c7 Jen
Don't stop. Hooked. Bringing back all my Fringe feelings.
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