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3/25/2016 c7 6Almariado
One of the most important aspects of Peter and Olivia's relationship was how she draw out the good that there was in him.
Olivia made Peter want to be a better person.
I always believed that that started to happen since the first days after they met.
Peter's reflections about himself, about the life he lead until that moment, how he reflects on his actions, showing some regret and even shame for his past deeds, shows very well how Olivia was already affecting him.
Once again you are spot on on your analysis of these two.

Thanks for another brilliant chapter and keep them coming!
3/21/2016 c3 17Crystalline Green
At last, I get round to reading.
Even though Olivia seems to have the upper hand here in everything that's going on, I love that they're so equal, still each others match, despite the frustrations and hostilities which are inevitable. I'm so enjoying reading the surprise in Peters head as he comes to realise that he's met his (if only he knew!).

I wonder at which point Olivia will come to the same conclusion, she's got the benefit - or rather the detraction - of a different focus right now, but it must come, probably towards the end of the episode. Glad I don't have to wait to read on...
3/18/2016 c1 4KryceksGirl
Yay! A fellow Fringe fan! I love your story so far, keep up the good work!
3/13/2016 c6 simonescully
I loved another chapter! As Almariado say, if you have intention to complete the entire series, i am very anxious to read your version of POV's in the chapters "Safe" and "What Lies Below", which to this day i imagine what they were thinking.
3/13/2016 c6 6Almariado
It always makes my day when I see a new chapter of your story.
You keep amazing me with the depth of the analysis of the scenes between these two.
You are able to interpret and see things between them that I honestly wish I could also see.

If you do go ahead and cover the whole five seasons of the show, there are so many scenes I can't wait to see how you will write them.
This is a hell of ride you taking us into.

Thanks for another brilliant chapter and I'm eagerly awaiting for the next one.
3/8/2016 c5 Almariado
Really enjoyed this one a lot :)

The part about Gene was priceless, I loved how you described both Peter's and Olivia's reactions.
Peter smugness and his enjoyment for being successful at pushing Olivia's buttons.
Her frustration at him for making her behave in such an unprofessional way.

About the previous chapter, I think the best praise I can give you about it is that I didn't even noticed that it was a 'deleted' scene. I was really convinced that it was an actual scene from the Pilot.
It shows how well you are writing the characters and this story. Also, it means I will have to re-watch the pilot really soon, how on earth didn't I noticed it ;)
2/27/2016 c4 simonescully
Great chapter. And really Peter behave like an insolent child!
2/24/2016 c3 River
I really enjoyed reading this chapter too. I love the way that you're filling in the silences and body language of the characters etc. with all of these thoughts and strategies etc. It's great to read!
2/24/2016 c2 River
I really enjoyed reading this chapter too. I like how you write both Olivia and Peter.
2/23/2016 c1 River
I don't think it matters that Fringe hasn't been on the air for a while now, in terms of you writing your fanfiction story I mean. A show like Fringe was just so good that people are still going to be interested in stories you create based on it, particularly when the chapters are as well written and character-focused as this story seems to be! Looking forward to reading more. :-)
2/23/2016 c3 Almariado
I loved it!

I loved how you analysed and described their reactions.
The paragraph when Peter calls her 'sweetheart' for the second time is priceless, my favourite in this chapter.
But honestly, I loved it all.

Bring on the next one :)
2/23/2016 c3 fringelawyer
Wonderful vision of Olivia's and Peter's thinking during their stare-down battles at St. Claire's. You have captured the intensity of these scenes with great skill. Bravo!
2/21/2016 c2 Almariado
Thanks for another interesting chapter.
You're doing them justice and you got both of them perfectly, like you already did in the first chapter. It proves once again how well you got inside their heads and how talented you are.
I'm also very glad you already have more ideas for this story.
I'm curious to know if you will keep writing about the pilot, or if you're going to take us further on.
There are some iconic moments in Fringe that I would love to see how you would write them.

Like Fringelawyer pointed out in his review, Cotillion66 did something similar to what you are doing in his 'Blueverse' story, which I also recommend it very highly.
Each one of us have different perspectives and expectations when we watch a TV show, a movie or read a book, especially when we create a bond with the characters. So I'm glad you decided to publish your story.
Even if it's similar to something that was already done, it is also different.
I love both stories, yours and Cottilion's and I'm very happy I get to read them both.

See you in the next chapter!
2/20/2016 c2 simonescully
You know when we read a book and then watched a movie of it? That sense of "Jeez! is missing so many details..."
Reading his story is the reverse, watched the episode and now glimpsing all the details!
Congratulations, I'm really enjoying your writing!
2/20/2016 c2 5angelamorales514
I love how you are able to get into their heads so well!
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