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for The Jungle Book Chronicles

8/17 c3 EvaKnight075
12/6/2016 c3 11OMAC001
Wonder what other Lion King character will show up?
11/29/2016 c3 1Skywarp865
Great start for Mowgli and Gray's long journey. Nice touch with Raksha's speech to Shre Khan, basically giving the angry mother speech and glare. Plus the way Bagheera knocks Kaa out of it made me feel so nostalgic. I swear I could see her hypnotizing him the same as the film with the goofy smile. Awesome job.
11/29/2016 c3 Matt
Huh, so this is a combination of Lion King, The Jungle Book, and Tarzan? Neat.
11/28/2016 c3 Hellman76
Great chapter stoneman
11/27/2016 c3 8The Keeper of Worlds
This'll he good:-)
11/27/2016 c3 24White Hunter
Good work on this chapter, I hope to read the next one soon. I wonder how Akela and the pack will handle having Mowgli in the pack? Update as soon as you can.

White Hunter, howling out to you and the spirits!
7/17/2016 c2 White Hunter
Nice work on this story so far, I hope to read more of it soon.

White Hunter
4/9/2016 c2 17Kaiju Alpha
Maybe for when Raksha and Rama meet Mowgli for the first time, it could be a modernized take on their dialogue from the book.
4/4/2016 c2 1busterleader92
I thought Sabor was a male leopard not a she.
3/14/2016 c2 11OMAC001
Nice start. Hope to see more soon!
3/12/2016 c1 guest
and the plot would be like this a teenage boy named daisuke in modern japan visits his grandpa who comes from a line of samurai tells him the legend of kenshin showing him a katana that transports him to kenshin time
3/12/2016 c2 guest
hey ever thought of writing a story of rurouni keshin
3/4/2016 c2 Matt
Whose Ernest? I thought the wolf cub named Gray?
3/3/2016 c2 Cloud4012
This got interesting keep it up
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