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6/24/2021 c26 4Master of Sorrow
Damn, I read this story from Broken Glass and now Warring Hearts.

The original ending though, broke my heart into a million pieces! The alternative ending that I notice lol (Chapter 26) lots of people didn't see the easter egg! STILL broke my heart even though it was "happier."

This story is just devastatingly romantic and tragic at the same time, and expresses beautifully the reality of life see... That not everyone is so blessed to have found that perfect someone, and be so blessed to be able to spend a lifetime with said someone in the living world. Even though they may meet again in another world, another life, another time, another place, it is just not the same. (There is only that one chance before in the present.)

I find it hard to put into words, but thank you for writing this. I have Broken Glass and Warring Hearts saved in my e-reader.


I wonder though how did Thrandiul spend the last of his days as an Elf and then thousands of excruciating years passed until he no longer had a corporeal form living in his kingdom/forest (he faded?), even after all the other elves had sailed for Valinor, and for thousands of years (that red light) Tauriel accompanied him in the form of a shade? She wished to stay by his side? And they became forest spirits? *bursts into tears*

But I can see why you chose such an ending, because many good myths and immortal legends have such endings. The tragedy is precisely why such stories are so lasting.
9/8/2020 c25 damarisca
Que lindo trabajo! Muchas gracias
9/6/2020 c25 Guest
Wow, this story is so good! I loved the turn of events in the battle with Thranduil. Although it really was sad to have Tauriel die after all their future planning and love. The last para that was so well written enlightening the love between the two of them.. Thank u so much for this awe-inspiring story...
8/25/2020 c26 21Jayne DLM
Fabulous writing. I think you captured the complexity of relationships perfectly. Also great ending. I like that it was bitter sweet. Please write another!
1/8/2020 c26 ElemmireDaliaras
amazing story.. the ending threw me a little but when does the ending of a great love story not throw you? Both ways feel good with this flow but as a dark minded person I liked the original idea, for me it was too stretched though. Sad ending is a powerful ending, but the again also the alternate ending I craved at the same time, and it was truly sweet. Thank you for this experience. I’m still a puddle on the floor after the events leading to chapter 24. All in all you do have that something that keeps me hanging for every word you have written.
1/8/2020 c21 ElemmireDaliaras
Crying my eyes out here. Again - amazing. Im so jealous. You have a gift with description. Staight to my soul you dig. Can’t wait to finish, and also dreading it to finish this story, ever!
5/25/2019 c26 Glykal
Thank you for this wonderful and heartwarming story! I loved every part of it, especially the original ending because it is in accordance with Tolkien’s motto; victory is not for the winners who fought hard sacrificing the most, but for everyone else. Frodo couldn’t find peace even though he destroyed the Ring; likewise Thranduil orchestrated this mission and emerged victorious only to be robbed of his true happiness. But doing what must be done for the greater good, is what makes a true hero. In my opinion, it is also part of the beauty of your Thranduil; against all odds he persevered, he learnt from his mistakes and he became a wiser king and a better person after his ordeal.
Tauriel ‘s death came as a shock (well done!) but it was so poetic and meaningful that I truly liked it. I’m sure you knew some readers would be disappointed, so congratulations for staying true to you path.

I also applaud your valiant effort to stay true to Tolkien’s writing style. There were moments when I thought I was reading The Lord of the Rings, so complex were the characters and so epic your storytelling.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
12/10/2018 c26 lionhearts2
Just terrible. It seems like someone else whote those final chapters because it just doesn't make any sense. The problem isn't only the anticlimatic end, but the inconsistency of it. So that is it? All that death and war, just for Thranduil get his fea restaured? and for what? To remain alone. You just don't wanted to give it a "normal end", because you're a "great writeryou really have some talent), but your mistake was the inconsistency which was worse. I mean the battle was terrible! Why Elrond, such a wise elf, wasn't there all the time? That statue thing! omg! terrible.
You put so many things to make the fanfiction interesting, like the visions and the parallel romances, but in the end, all the lagging we have to endure, was for nothing. The alternative end isn't good too. And are You justifying this inconsistency soup with Tolkien words? Really?! I can't believe it.
8/19/2018 c21 igkmb
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1/30/2018 c1 deviant84
So finally I am ready to comment. I have to admot that I was in shock after the firsr ending and I liked it at the same time. It was of course unexpected and also very well written. But it made me really sad. As if a friend of mine died. Tauriel and Thranduil had to fight for their love and with each other chapter after chapter and when they finally get the chance to be happy she dies. And is killed by him! very dark but at tge same time very epic. I am not really sure if I liked the second ending more, I was really hoping to read about Tauriel becoming queen and struggeling with her new role. I hope you have an idea for a new hobbit fanfic, maybe even Tauriel/Thranduil again. To be honest I never saw them as a couple, I prefer Tauriel/Kili but some great authors like you made me cheer for them as well. So thank you for the story I enjoyed reading it very much!
1/29/2018 c26 Lordienne
Thank you, my dear for making alternative ending!
I am slightly sad that you had to change your original idea but I (and some other readers probably too) am quite mentally weak and sensitive and my heart weeps too much when Thranduil does not sail but in this version I had a deep breath that they are together.
However I have to admit that the idea of telling the ending using Legolas' story told to Gimli is great.
I was glad to hear about Tinuven and Elhedril too.
I think this too endings combined would be my favourite :)
1/28/2018 c26 10Averlovi
Oh thank god! Beautiful piece! Loved it!
1/28/2018 c25 Lordienne
You're right that ending is bittersweet but for me is rather bitter. Thranduil remaining in his Kingdom till he fades it's too sad for me :( I can only hope that they will reunite at some point...
Congratulations to you for writing this great story! I really hope that you will write some more because you're evidently a talented writer.
Hugs, my dear ! 3
1/25/2018 c25 Averlovi
Right so now the big review.

Well there are little more words I can use to praise the two masterful works you created, the writing was flawless for me, never once did I wince or lose my train of thought due to the grammar or structure. Broken Glass is my favourite of the two stories, and I think you nailed all the characters very well, no one seemed out of character.

Unrivalled for me, the story from the start of Broken Glass to the end of this story was incredible and I sunk hours of time into reading each chapter on the train to and from work. My only critic of the whole two stories was this. The ending just didn't do your magnificent work the justice it could've done (I'm not saying its bad please don't think that), I just felt that you built up the relationship so well it felt natural, I genuinely felt for all the characters and grew attachments to them, that when Thranduil killed her it felt very out of place and the last few chapters were devoid (the plot made it so) of that connection we all grew to love.

Again please don't take that has a poor review, the scene hit me, genuinely finished reading it and didn't feel right all day after which is a huge tribute to your ability to write such scenes.

Personally I think you could've left the ending much like you did Broken Glass, where all the plot came together and after uncertainty we got the wonderful ending and Thranduil finally had love in his life. I know he is strong, but to have lost his wife and then to finally open up again and lose Tauriel, I believe that would've killed him.

Having said this however, Broken Glass is one I will read countless times over for I will admit I do love a happy ending and shamefully admit the last couple of chapters of Warring Hearts is a emotional read after the investment (Again a tribute to you). Your knowledge of the lore is amazing and well input.

I would love to see perhaps some alternative timelines of Thranduil x Tauriel, maybe some one shots or something like that. I hope you keep it up as you really do make these two characters real.

Hope to see your reviews on my story as well, if you find time to read of course.
1/21/2018 c24 Lordienne
Oh no! I'm crying so hard :( When he advanced on her I had a feeling that she will give up her life for him...
It's beautiful but also dramatic and so very sad :(
I really hope they will reunite in Undying Lands 3
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