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for A troublesome evening

3/9/2017 c1 159Lorelei Candice Black
love it, love this couple. Nicely done
2/14/2016 c1 Kqbxiwnsl
I'm so glad that you decided to write more about Rollo and Gisla! :)

I like what you did here: showing how Rollo only wants to be loved by Gisla (but still enjoying to tease her a little bit); how Gisla knows that Rollo cares for her, but she still cannot admit (not even to herself) that she feels something for him; Odo showing his true colors (I wonder if the show won't follow that path too: Odo tries to do something to Gisla and Rollo comes to the rescue).
Don't get me wrong, I think that Gisla is more than capable to defend herself, but it would be a nice gesture if Rollo comes to aid her. They have already shown the contrast between Rollo and Odo, it would be nice if Gisla sees that too, her life with Rollo can be so much better than it would have been with Odo.

And I like the cheesy ending, I want Rollo to have a happy ending! And Gisla deserves it too!

Only 4 more days until we get our dose of Rolisla! :)

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