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for Blasphemy

6/15/2017 c2 Taiyou Ryuu
This fic reminds me of Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne in a way.
10/24/2016 c1 turnip29
You might want to check the first chapter of Colossians and of Hebrews before you think of continuing this.

I'm not sure if you have a tech-y background, but a possible analogy for a human to go "gunning for God", would be "AI computer code" that was running inside a virtual machine, inside another virtual machine, to attempt to attack the real hardware.

Unlike the case in pantheistic religions, the "god" in true monotheisms (Jewish, Christian, Islam) does not exist in the same 'reality space' as do people. Rather, the reality space which people, and the universe generally, occupy is *inside* god. As a result, there's simply no place from which a creat-ure can stand and attack god.

With in monotheisms, the goal of "the devil" is simply a nihilistic destruction of people and places, since no actual attack on god is possible.
8/3/2016 c2 angelbaby.kh2
Can't wait for the next chapter
6/13/2016 c2 2Skybox
Another evil story. You can certainly set a dark atmosphere. I am interested whether this continues.
3/24/2016 c2 GJMEGA
Looking forward to more.
2/14/2016 c2 Blitzstrahl
Bloody hell that was Hitler of all people just now.
2/13/2016 c2 20Gandalf's Beard
A chill just went up my spine! XD
Great prologues!

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