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7/3/2020 c52 18RayhneTess
Okay, so I first want to say I really do love this story. Okay, now I just have some constructive criticism that I’d like to share. First of all, I’m all for the au’s, but I did feel that all the characters were a bit out of character for a while. They got in character so not too bad. I also love basketball, it’s the only sport I really like to watch and the only one I understand. So it was amazing to see you pick that up! Maybe add a glossary at the front who don’t understand what words mean. Like I’m sure we all understand what overtime is, but just in case. Plus being in the fourth seed versus the second... was a little harder for me to understand myself.

Again, I really did like this and I can’t wait to read the sequel, but just a few pointers. Last thing I swear: maybe get someone to proofread if you hadn’t? I just noticed a few minor things that I could tell you meant a different word but wrote the other one.

Can’t wait to read more from you and thank you!
4/15/2020 c1 14HappyTheCamper
6/19/2019 c52 51Voltage Axe
Hello, there!

I remembered that I recently put this story on my favourites list, having read it before. However, I couldn’t really know why it’s in my favourites…until I started reading it again, about a week ago.
I think it was the right amount of comedy, angst, drama, and romance that made me enjoy this story so much. Despite the modern AU setting, I felt that most of the characters portrayed in the story are more or less similar to their source counterparts (from the manga and anime, obviously).

As someone who grew up watching basketball (along with hockey, and baseball), I also enjoyed the action being described—in what the players are doing, with respect to their teams. There were a few moments that stood out to me, including Natsu and Lucy getting together, Elfman getting injured, and the Magnolia team that—and, I quote Drake—“started from the bottom”…before they played their way into the FBA Finals, and winning it all. That really reminded me of that NBA team (my hometown favourite, no less!) having just won the championship, a week ago. They started out as a team that wasn’t good enough to compete for the title, until very recently.

Anyway, as I mentioned it above, I’ve enjoyed reading this story because of these reasons, and these are also why it’s in my favourites list, too. What I only would have liked to see, in this story, would be a championship parade for the Fairies (just like what the Raps had, a few days ago), following the team’s victory, and their immediate celebrations. I actually look forward to a sequel to this story, as you’ve mentioned it in the end-notes of the final chapter.

That’s all there is, to it. I want to extend a huge, sincere ‘thank you’, for coming up with this wonderful story! :D

9/9/2018 c52 6NintenDolphin
Took me 4 days to read this whole story, and now that I've finished I just wanna say this... Fairy Tail: Hardcourt Heroes is, without a doubt, ONE OF MY ALL TIME FAVORITE STORIES ON THIS ENTIRE SITE!

I'm not lying when I say that. This is easily the best AU Fairy Tail story I've ever read, and one of my most favorite AU stories period. It may take place in a modern, basketball-centric setting, but you're story is Fairy Tail to the core. I love how in character everyone is, and you brought in pretty much every character I care about. I can't think of a lot of people who didn't appear in this (besides Gemini, and Flare Corona I suppose). You're excellent when it comes to writing romance too, I freakin' LOVED everything dealing with NaLu, Gruvia, GaLe, StingYu and Miraxus, and Jerza provided some nice drama. I also really liked you making Natsu and Wendy brother and sister, as the two of them have a really cute and similar relationship in the series. Wasn't expecting someone like Bora to have a big role in the story though. Nonetheless, he played the slimeball role well, and Mard Geer is the perfect villain of choice for a story like this.

As for the basketball stuff, I loved how all the teams were based on the guilds from throughout the series. You even included Avatar, and a brief mention of the Alvarez Empire, two names that the anime hasn't even covered yet (can't wait for next month btw). You seem to know the sport pretty well too, which helped me understand the basketball stuff more as I don't usually watch it (NBA is kinda boring with only a few good teams). I also really liked your choice for the Magnolia Fairies positions: Makarov as Head Coach, Erza as Assistant Coach, Levy as GM, Natsu, Gray, Elfman, Gajeel, Jellal and Laxus as the major players and Mirajane, Lisanna, Cana and Evergreen as part of the dance squad are all perfect spots for those characters.

I think my favorite parts of the story revolved around Natsu and Lucy's growing relationship. From him trying to help her with her Journalism career and showing her around Magnolia U, to her helping him with making Wendy feel welcomed at her school. Their relationship didn't feel very different from the actual story, so that was great, and I loved the moment where the two decided to have sex. I think the only thing about this story I took issue with was how you portrayed a few characters. I actually like Sorano quite a bit since she joined Crime Sorciere, so it bothered me watching her get with freakin' Bora of all guys. Luckily that didn't seem to last long. I also wish that Minerva had a chance to say sorry for trying to stir up trouble between Jellal and Erza, and as for Loke, I know what you were going for, but that part still kinda bothered me. Lastly, I feel kinda bad for Rogue for being the only major character to not get a girl by the end of the story. But I can forgive all of that because everything else about Hardcourt Heroes was FANTASTIC!

So yeah, reading this story was a good 4 days well spent! I'm glad to have read such a great Fairy Tail story! Of all the stories I've read and favorited, Hardcourt Heroes easily makes the top 10. In all honesty, you don't need to write a sequel for this story, but if you're still interested in writing it, I'd be more than glad to read it. Thanks again for the awesome story HappytheCamper! Peace out :)
8/4/2018 c1 Eh
I didn’t understand any sport talk. Like, I’m completely lost.
7/29/2018 c1 MOONECLIPSEHQ
Omg rave master
6/12/2018 c32 Guest
GIVE HIM A LUCY KICK! Gqhajskakakkqqqikqjejsbaaah ababababb
8/28/2017 c52 BigNate81
Very good story mate... enjoyed reading it... your a very good writer... keep it up!
5/19/2017 c52 8SleepinBeautyK
This was such a good story like I read this in roughly a day good. I love it.
12/8/2016 c31 6VerifiedBreeze
I just wanna say your story is great! I also really enjoy it because of how similar it is to a story I wrote myself except that its a Pokemon fic instead of Fairy Tail lol. Its called Love&Basketball if u ever wanted to check it out! Really enjoying your story so far again tho!
11/12/2016 c21 A.marchiella
I love this relationship of gruvia lol
10/8/2016 c16 TaniaSofiamartins
OMG! I'm sooo in love with this story! I love Basketball, I love fairy tail, I love Nalu and I love romance!
Thank you sooooo muuuuuch, for this story...
Your writing is magnificent! Please, never stop write!
7/27/2016 c52 4KeybladeHero05
It made me cry for at least a minute but good story man can't wait for the sequel tho more drama, more sex XD and more basketball but the most part that touched me was the Mavis Trophy...I wonder she's around?
7/5/2016 c52 1OuterspaceMermaid
*squeals* I loved that story sooooooo much! While I do wish you found out more about what happens to the relationships (especially Nalu), this is one of the best fanfiction stories I have read! You are an amazing writer and I can't wait for another chapter! Please upload it soon! This story was PERFECTION!
5/8/2016 c52 1LilyPantherFire
I think it's a motherfucking BRILLIANT idea to write fanfic on the day before college graduation. That's also my plan; I'm gonna binge on some good anime I have yet to watch the day before, so when everybody else is doing the boring stuff I'll have anime thoughts (MyOTP's,Fights,WhoseStronger?,WhatShouldIWatchNext?) Much better than some lame old speech (That I'll have memorized.)
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