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for Snapshots II - From the second series

4/8/2020 c2 Guest
Loved this. I love Addie wish there was more of her xx
1/2/2019 c33 Guest
BB's have been reading your stories. Eva Janko is Lena Janko with out a shadow of a doubt.
11/30/2018 c5 Jdr0531
I am so in awe of your writings! I have been binge reading them as I have the time. I have laughed and cried, giggled and smirked, and I have cried. I hear the actors/actresses voices when I read and I see the house in Bay Ridge and a similar type house for Jamie and Eddie. I am so taken in with the stories that when I saw a sneak peek of season 9 episode 9, I fully thought I would see a distraut Jamie, pale and gaunt, with a cute little blonde girl on his hip with her arms wrapped around his neck. Excellent writing!
3/4/2018 c33 1conservativegirl
Amazing snapshots! I loved how much more detail we got in between stories, and I'm so excited to jump into the next one (over 100 chapters - woah!) as always, love the detail and way you depict these amazing characters :)
2/18/2018 c8 conservativegirl
Great stories so far! I loved these from the interlude and am excited to start the next full story!
11/23/2016 c33 LuvJamieReagan
Somehow I missed this posting earlier! Have to admit I sort of feel sorry for Jamie if she does stay!
11/23/2016 c33 c-c
Great snapshot! Looking forward to more! Have to admit I'm curious about Mary's passing also. Can't wait for the story on Henry and Betty! (Would love to hear how Mary and Frank met also...as well as Danny proposing to Linda! Though Erin isn't my fave, I've also been curious how she met Jack?)
11/23/2016 c33 Lea
Grandmommazilla...scary lady! LOL! Looking forward to more!
11/23/2016 c33 jlmayer
Uh,oh! She's back! and to stay? Looking forward to how this plays out!
11/23/2016 c33 mcgeeksgirl
Great chapter! Eddie's mom is back and maybe for good! Love Henry and Jamie scenes! Omg...Jamie's dream was funny, especially when he opened the door to find his dad's car pulling away! Looking forward to reading more!Happy Thanksgiving!
11/23/2016 c33 197Daisyangel
I'd forgotten about that promised dinner. lol Loved it!
11/23/2016 c33 28BlueBlood82
Jamie's dream was hilarious and scary all at once and I like the idea of Eva closer. I love her character
11/23/2016 c33 Guest2016
Another great chapter! That dream sequence was to funny! Poor Jamie.. already stressed out and it's only the beginning of the story!
11/23/2016 c33 25lawslave
Frank and Eva...that would be a nightmare! LOL! But yes, Jamie really needs to relax, the boy is too wound up! Good thing he has a large turkey dinner to look forward to, maybe that'll have him drifting off into a nice peaceful rest for the afternoon.
Happy Thanksgiving!
11/23/2016 c33 BLBLF
Frank and Eva. Lol. That was was fun!
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