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for Kiss From a Violet

3/13/2017 c20 Guest
Robin u bad speedy finally isn't doing drugs that good
3/13/2017 c17 Guest
Don't choose speedy raven chose robin oh and robin star just no she's no good 4 u bet u she didn't have a nightmare she prob just said that to get u away from raven
3/13/2017 c16 Guest
No raven dont think like that u do have feelings for robin still
3/13/2017 c7 Guest
Plz make robin and Rae a couple
11/14/2016 c20 Guest
Wow. That was awesome! Honestly, the whole thing (whole story) just flowed so beautifully! It was great! Can't wait to read the sequel!
7/14/2016 c20 moonlightqueen376
I LOVED EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS. this is kinda what I went through a couple years ago and man I wish I had made the right choice. Something I didn't like about Speedy was that he kept messing up, like getting drunk or doing heroine right after he told Raven he was trying to stop for her but other than that AMAZING STORY
7/12/2016 c20 Emu
7/6/2016 c19 Satisfied Reader
Gah! You says my name! Always love shoutouts so thank you for that. Definitely loved the ending. Of course I'm addicted to da drama and wanted it to continue on forever because your work is beautiful *sheds a tear*. Hopefully we see more from you.
7/3/2016 c19 pastel19
Please update soon!
I really love your story.
I'm glad that Raven found Speedy!
And your making me ship Rae with Speedy even more!
7/1/2016 c19 Alexandria Heart
Just found this story... and i am OBSESSED! I love it. Please update soon!
6/29/2016 c18 113Xaphrin
I am not one who typically likes High School AUs, but you caught me with the love triangle. (heart-eyes)

I can tell that you put a lot of effort and work into each of these chapters. Your grammar and spelling are spot-on, and if there were a few errors, it wasn't enough to really detract me from the story. Some of the characterizations are a little off for me, but mostly it's spot on and I think you've done a good job balancing out drama and the lulls in the story where things aren't quite moving yet.

I like that there's a lot of crossover between characters, and you never spend too much time dwelling on one person and their reactions/feelings/responses to the situations you've created. However, I did notice that sometimes there was a shift in who was the central focus or even a jump in time, and there wasn't a line or mark or ellipsis to show that shift, so sometimes I found myself rereading a sections a couple of times before I realized there was a shift in time/place/3rd person focus.

My best suggestion to enlist a Beta to help you through your work, they'll be able to help you with continuity concerns and some are really good about catching any mistakes if you have them. But overall, it was a really entertaining story and I appreciated the opportunity to really read all the little bits and pieces that you put together. You did a phenomenal job, especially with such a long and involved story, I think you really nailed it together.
6/27/2016 c18 Satisfied Reader
Well this was absolutely perfect. Yup I died a little. I'm super torn now! Like Speedy, although a fucking shit show tight now, has put all this time and effort. Yeah any girl would be skeptical but that's why it's the past. But the baby thing too. However, Robin just pushed his feelings aside. What the fuck Grayson? She waited how long for someone else to tell him?! Nah that shit don't fly (lol fly). Anyways, I'm pulling for Speedy just a little bit more, but you can always have her meet Red-X/ Jason Todd in college because fuck high school relationships. And they is my OTP. Well have fun sorting it out. GOOD LUCK!

6/26/2016 c18 Nimona
OMG! This is the best fanfiction ever! You have the perfect amount of romance, drama, sadness and jealousy! You are a seriously good writer and very good at telling a story. I don't know who Raven is going to pick. Robin or Speedy? AGH! I love this story you are such a talented writer! I'm sorry but I can't get over how much of a FABULOUS writer you are! Oh yeah, did I mention that you're possibly the GREATEST WRITER EVER?! I seriously don't know how you do it. Can't wait till next chapter!
6/15/2016 c16 6live.laugh.love.izzy
Awwwwwww Speedy was so good for Raven!
6/12/2016 c15 Satisfied Reader
Ok just binged read all of that and to say it was beautiful is an understatement...how could you? All the honey nut feelios! I just can't. But I love this and you hurt me so with your writing. So. Good. Why you make me feel this way? This should have way more reviews. But good luck to your beautiful soul. Happy writing
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