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3/26 c92 2Van Rae
This is amazing., words cant describe how much Im in love with the pacing, dialogue and connections all characters have with each other. I am especially enamored with the bond between Albus and Tom, and Tom and Abraxas
3/4 c92 TinaaDy
This is the best tomione fanfic I’ve ever read! I keep going back to this fanfic because everything is so well written, this has a special place in my heartI hope you keep writing more amazing stories, stay safe and good luck ️
1/13 c92 Guest
This story was good...but frustrating because it had the potential to be great. All the makings of an excellent story were there, yet so many plot points were not used to their full potential or dropped entirely.
1/3 c92 12excessivelyperky
Oh, excellent! I would dearly love to see an Epilogue.

You may be setting up Abraxas to fall in love with Janet-but you know he'd marry both Tom and Hermione in a heartbeat. He loves both of them that much

Yes, it will do Albus good to have to deal with adults who can argue with him, and not children who her-worship him and a staff financially dependent on him. I've always thought that was the real reason he never went for Minister of Magic, to be honest.

Tom and Hermione will go on to keep loving each other (in fact, I suspect the use of the proper wand core would revolutionize broom manufacture, never mind quills. It's possible that Dicta-Quills have a core that's magical.

Lovely story, hope to see more from this someday.
1/3 c92 Rach09
I love this story so much. All of the characters are perfect and the plot is amazing!
12/28/2020 c36 Ebullientjenn
I never know if I should review each chapter of a completed fic like I would a WIP.

This story is so good and I really feel like it’s so far outside the hpverse that this could be its own complete novel. The action and description is great and I am totally enjoying this.
12/26/2020 c91 excessivelyperky
Yay for the death of the Elder Wand!

And super-yay for the absolute right spell for Gellert. He won't be bothering anyone for *quite* some time.

Abraxas is just as much of a fop as Jean-Marie, but hey...

Hurrah for Albus and Edvard, but most of for Hermione and Tom. Huzzah!
12/24/2020 c90 excessivelyperky
Ah, but Jean-Marie's lace is his battle armor...(and with the proper kind of magic, could be so literally).

Excellent set up with the preliminary battle, too, especially in Hogsmeade. \

And now it's show time.
12/21/2020 c16 Ebullientjenn
So I know you have completed this story but I am loving it!

"Do you see the future?"

She sighed. "The only way to see the future is to live through it. And even then you can miss a lot."

That phrase is just so eloquent! I love it. Can’t wait to see where this ends up.
12/19/2020 c92 12joyouscxj
as much as I'd love another update- I feel like this story ends at a wonderful spot. I've never read this ship before and I can honestly say I wanna read more of these two bc they intrigue me. I adore how you wrote Tom in this story and the relationship he has with Hermione felt so natural. incredible!
12/13/2020 c89 12excessivelyperky
Ah, whom the gods would destroy...they give perfect self-confidence for the future.
12/6/2020 c88 excessivelyperky
Good 'right before the battle scene'-the pieces are on the board, and soon they will move.

But Gellert doesn't know just who is doing the moving, though he think it's him.
11/26/2020 c92 amk41196
This was a beautiful story... I do so hope that you will write the epilogue... Though it's been years... Thanks for the great read... Stay safe
11/23/2020 c87 excessivelyperky
Actually, Edvard is wrong. The interview with those Ministers went quite well, and it should be enlightening to put trackers on them and find out what they do after it.

Also, Jean-Marie is proof positive that you really can threaten a rabbit too hard. Plus, he proved a bit of his bonafides by mentioning Dumbledore as possibly unreliable and Hermione and Tom as Obvious Spies.
11/22/2020 c92 7JuliettKilo
Great work!
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