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11/27 c12 Tom.ward3520
Good job
11/20 c1 3bob4204ever
please tell. me you not gonna bash Ron.
11/10 c12 oO Phantom Writer Oo
THAT WAS AMAZING! It was very well written, and honestly my only complaint was that it didn't last longer! It was so creative and fun that I didn't stop reading it from the moment I started. 10/10 Five stars
11/5 c12 22Shinobi Gatana
... Not bad. Not bad at all.
10/26 c12 ak
j'ai relu. toujours amusant! :)
peut ĂȘtre une suite?
10/6 c12 GenJordan
Thank you for sharing your work. It was an amusing an lighthearted take on the premise and I enjoyed reading it.
9/1 c12 2J flood
I have to admit that I really enjoyed the story although the stats were a little annoying but again you were doing a gamer thing so I guess you had to include this stats also a little heads up there's some of us out there that uses our phones text-to-speech engine to be able to listen to the stories on fanfiction as a result when you do abbreviations it only read the abbreviation but it doesn't pronounce what the abbreviation is for so please write out the whole word so that we can understand what's being said I'm an old D&D gamer so I knew what the wis was but not everyone does I'm planning on checking out your other stories as well if you have any others I hope you do this one was excellent and I thought that it was really ironic the way Valtimore was defeated
8/20 c11 MonsterM4
Yes at last a fanfic where Harry keeps the Sword of Gryffindor. Everywhere else he is like "I'm going to use a katana". Why do the authors do things like this I don't know
8/14 c12 8Tigris DivingHawk
Great story I really enjoyed it and I will look for other things you might write
8/9 c12 Dolcet40
I enjoyed reading this but I suck at writing reviews.
8/7 c11 DeadAccount1113
okay wait why the fuck are yoy leveling up Herimone and everyone else the fuck is wrong with this book. Have you ever played a rpg? Do you need me to explain how leveling works?
8/7 c10 DeadAccount1113
that makes no sense how Georgw and Fred got to 33 what is your fucking leveling system. Tf is wrong with you
8/7 c4 DeadAccount1113
of course your gonna make Luna a God like character fuck off
8/7 c3 DeadAccount1113
please don't make luna a god please please don't
8/2 c12 1benjymen
That's a good story but... curling as task? In a MAGICAL tournament? Nope.
Plus why is Hermione so OP? Harry should have more lvls and stats than her (he did kill the basilisk and quirrel...)
I enjoyed the read nonetheless.
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