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2/21/2016 c1 23katherine-with-a-k
Wow! Beautiful story, I was just carried along thinking what's going to happen next. Loved the atmosphere, the bustling sense of city life just burst through, loved the way you seamlessly got the reader from who Gilbert used to be to who he is now. LOVED the idea that he seems fairly happy. This is a Gilbert I recognise. He wouldn't fall apart, he would find some way to turn heartbreak into motivation. Yet the little details - flicking through a souless catalogue for meaningless purchases, bristling against the crowded reality of city life, never going back to the Island, it's as though I can hear him say to himself " I am happy, I am happy, I am happy..." as though trying to convince himself.
The details were beautiful, especially the line about a leaf blown from a tree, and the natural beauty of pearls, but I also LOVED that you had thought this AU through so perfectly- Anne a well known author on her book tour, Owen Ford her agent (brilliant idea! I've often thought that he and Anne could have been an intriguing couple, though not sure if you're going there). Most of all the meeting between Gilbert and Anne was perfectly observed, charged but not obvious, exciting without it seeming aa though Gil has forgotten he's even married. Difficult to do and really well done. Looking forward to what happens next!
2/16/2016 c1 5LizzyEastwood
Very nice start. Can't wait to read more.
2/16/2016 c1 Rose
I'm not usually a fan of AU but I loved this. Very well written. Please continue!
2/15/2016 c1 2Kim Blythe
Well, this is an interesting start !

Is it Christine who his the wife of Gilbert ?

His Anne married as well ?

His Owen, Anne's agent, controlling her every move and every words she says ?

This to say that I can't wait to read the next chapter !
2/15/2016 c1 PelirrojaBiu
Ooooh, the drama! Looks like a beginning of a great story. So glad to see you back here!
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