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for Familiar Of Zero: Saving Grace

9/14 c3 Mr.Fluppy
I find Henrietta and Osmond's arrival when saito lose consciousness pretty unrealistic, the odds of Henrietta arriving at the same time just as saito lose consciousness? You have more chance of winning a lottery 5 consecutive times rather than having a timing arrival of Henrietta and osmond
8/23 c79 8Shadicgon
Well, it was a wholesome final chapter. Approved. xd
8/23 c71 Shadicgon
Aight, I'll be real, I was liking the route the story was taking. It had its ups and its downs, certainly not reaching the lows of the OG work while far surpassing its highs.

... But this chapter reached a low vastly lower than the OG work. Was it necessary to make Saito a descendant of Brimir? No, it wasn't. This bugged me the enough to just need to comment it, but welp, let's hope the rest of the story manages to make up for it. xD
3/21 c15 Carrotglace85
so iruruka is nonexistent in this fic? ok
3/6 c54 16Luciendar
This is so stupid. Accelerate could've handled most of the problems in this chapter. Way to make Saito just look like an incompetent idiot. No one just leaves with the enemy. None of this makes sense.
3/4 c44 Luciendar
Wooow, what an asshole move. He could be literally throwing away any chance he has of being with Henrietta here. He just pissed on their relationship for what? Revenge? He has no real plan. He doesn't know the country. As a reader, this comes across as incredibly immature of him. It also make him looks like he lacks any and all foresight.

You planned this and the future out. You know you can fix it so he can still be with Henrietta. However, Saito didn't know that. Yet, you didn't even have him acknowledge the risk of losing her forever. Honestly, this just made him look terrible.
2/19 c4 32Animeharem
you should’ve added kirche
7/18/2022 c57 1Nevarus
why does everyone say as if? it's really jarring.
7/17/2022 c52 Nevarus
to be perfectly honest. there shouldn't be a way to charge a familiar with a crime in the first place. this is mainly due to it being considered the masters responsibility. in this case, she was just a tool for her master, not the conductor.
7/16/2022 c34 Nevarus
never really understood the whole dueling to prove something... thing. it seems like a glorified pissing contest and fighting for that reason, might as well be without reason.
7/14/2022 c8 Nevarus
the limit idea is great... except for it being a power granted by the runes. the limit being low leads to the idea that he will be able to improve it, but his original ability never actually improved as far as I know. instead it was just a huge increase in ability and yes, I know, Saito learned how to fight better, but his ability never taught him how to fight well... just how to wield weapons.

honestly it should be a similar op rune that he just needs to supplement with knowledge, instead of just granting wandless casting (at least that's what I've seen so far.)
7/14/2022 c7 Nevarus
not sure how the spell is dangerous when it requires the original master's approval to reset the bond... it's not like it can be forcefully taken from the master.
7/14/2022 c1 Nevarus
wow this has made Louise much worse than in Canon and I assume the voice is the familiar contract doing not so subtle mind manipulation.
7/13/2022 c1 Nevarus
as much as I don't approve of Louise's treatment of Saito... I don't know if I'll enjoy this with Louise sidelined...
6/16/2022 c1 2AvidReader2425
Interesting opening chapter
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