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for Sleepy Cuddles

2/16/2016 c1 1Niriam
This was incredibly cute! I can only imagine Adrien's face when he sees the pics and videos. And Mari would just... lay down and die. And try to remember every detail and imagines his arms around her again that night when she sleeps, but that's neither here or there. lol Thanks for the Adrinette!
2/16/2016 c1 46saberstorm
Needs an aftermath.
2/16/2016 c1 Deugemia
Best friends, great, aren't they?! Hahaha, but rlly, friends be shippin like nobody's business.
2/16/2016 c1 129WritingRowlet
They would. I want this. Great job writing this, I was squeeing the whole way through it!
2/16/2016 c1 Kit cat 17
2/16/2016 c1 41OACrutchfeild
Oh my god this is so perfect! I sooooo needed that thank you, I love you, yes, yes, yes!
2/16/2016 c1 109imthepunchlord
I"m dying, this is so freakin cute
absolutely adorable
2/16/2016 c1 Camembert621
THIS. WAS. AMAZING! It's so cute! You need to update everyday! Wait...this better not be a one shot...
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