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3/7/2017 c1 12BlueBeanieFrog
That's not particularly reassuring Nino...
2/25/2017 c3 59The Path of Supreme Conquest
2/25/2017 c2 The Path of Supreme Conquest
I clasped my hsnds and sighed because... wow.

Sooooooo cute.
2/23/2017 c3 17emily4498
Too cute
2/23/2017 c3 2GreenGlassMountain
This was hilarious! Love it.
2/11/2017 c3 2Yoko-Kiryuu Bikutoria Kurama
Lol that was so funny. I really like how much of a cuddle-bug both heros are lol. It was purr-fectly set up.
2/4/2017 c3 1mdmpinkie9088
Can you do a short, like on what happens when they get back and what they did when someone's been akumatized? I think that would be great
1/24/2017 c3 Lono
NOOOO UT CAN'T BE OVER! it 2 good XD I LOVED IT! it's definitely one of the (if not THE best) story I have EVER heard! But code name princess has this story beat by 00.02% XD "dragon lady" oh Nathalie! I feel bad for you wow this is really long!
1/23/2017 c3 Queen T
Type your review here.l love this so much and l also love you
1/23/2017 c3 6sweetXDmelody
Jejeje this was cute :3
1/11/2017 c3 Guest
Yes. So cute.
1/10/2017 c3 ArcaneLeo
There's enough fluff in make a ... something or another and I love it.
1/8/2017 c3 1KnightOwl247
please continue! This is fantastic!
1/8/2017 c1 KnightOwl247
Oh this is purr-fect! The cats meow, bedbugs in their natural habitat!
1/5/2017 c3 IgnisFelicis
That was awesome! Hilarious to the point of falling of the chair with tears in my eyes. And still laugh.
(My grandpa was extremely startled by the thud :-P)
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