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5/20 c3 Roxhall1
Please, pretty please update soon!
Anxiously awaiting more!
Love this so far!
5/20 c1 Roxhall1
Damn, I'm enjoying this! Way to go Bella, make your pops and uncle proud!
5/11 c3 Kim
Please update this story
4/25 c3 Kimberly
Please update
4/26 c3 klaudia 2002
When next chapter?
12/16/2021 c3 Sandy2348
Interesting I hope you continue
7/20/2021 c3 Navywife07
Please update
5/13/2021 c3 1Angel Shultzy22
god this is fun
1/7/2021 c3 Navywife07
Please update
12/18/2020 c3 CountryPBRGIRL
Please update
12/11/2020 c3 11brittany08forever
I need more! Love it,
10/27/2019 c3 1B4bidden
dam wish there was more pls update
5/17/2019 c3 Cinderella56
Please please update
2/17/2019 c3 wyojess
Please, please update soon. I cant wait to read what happens next. Happy as a dad and could you imagine Tig as a crazy uncle. Lol
1/4/2019 c3 QueenElsaSalvatore
i hope so i like it so far
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