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6/13/2018 c1 1Demented Noodles
Your writing scares me! You are too good to write depressing stuff, my heart feels like it's being mauled when I read one of your dark fics. And I can't stop myself either, only delay the inevitable. I plead for you to do some happy-ish fics as well. Perhaps some more hope or something positive between Lara and Sam because I just can't get enough of that.

Regardless of my selfish request, I hope you always continue writing whatever you want to write because your writing is just brilliant. Thank you for sharing it with us.
4/3/2018 c6 10HeidiW
Well this was an unexpected bonus :)

If the canonical TR novels even approached this level of characterization, introspective and eloquence, they would be absolute must reads (and likely place considerably higher on Amazon's sales lists).

Once more, I absolutely love your depiction of Lara's tortured soul - yet there's also a gossamer hope to be found therein.

Really like the detail of Lara being unable to enjoy Jaffa Cakes any longer - given Lara's heartbreaking refusal to talk to Sam in the hospital, her actions (or in this case inactions) SHOULD weigh on her.
4/2/2018 c6 9The Demon's Reflection
Nice to see that you're still writing TR stuff. There's been a serious lull in Tomb Raider comic (except for the movie but I'll be damned if I'm gonna pay for what is so blatantly a horrendous adaptation.) But between Shadow's announcement and some new Fan fics, things are looking up.
4/2/2018 c6 7lazarus wolf
welcome back.
more please.
1/28/2018 c5 112Kahli Hime
Liked almost everything, though the thought of sofia and lara makes ne cringle. Loved lord's croft letter. That was so cool. And i wishe there was more sam and lara stuff. Nice little stories :)
2/4/2017 c5 audy17
Perfectly written as always. I don't mind the spoiler alerts becahse your fics do more justice to Lara compared to the in game story at times. I hardly ever read like I use to because I coukd never find a author that can give real depth to their stories and characters. You can do so much in a single and short chapter to keep me coming back months and years for a updates and to re read your work. Most books I've read or own have never been read twice. That says alot about your talent. Keep up the good work. If ever you find yourself needing support from your fans to keep writing. Set up a pattern. I'd support you in a minute.
1/25/2017 c5 9The Demon's Reflection
I like how you left this ambiguous. I gotta say, after playing Rise, I do think Sofia is probably a better fit for Lara post Yamatai, than Sam is. That's not me bashing Sam by any means, I think Sam is great. But that is, I'm kinda against Lara having relationships in general in terms of the canon. Don't get me wrong, I do read Lara/Sam stuff pretty frequently, and am currently planning my second, Lara/Alex story, but I think there being no romantic stories within the games, not only sets it apart from Uncharted, Indiana Jones, Broken Sword and all the other adventure series I love so much, but it does tend to leave a lot for fanfiction writers to explore. Anyway, I'm rambling. Nice job as always.
1/24/2017 c5 10HeidiW
I really, really hope someone at CD sees this, because Sofia's words are exactly what they need to hear, if they're to avoid having Lara become little more than the Avatar of yore.

THIS Lara is more than just a Tomb Raider; she's human. She's multi-layered. She has dreams. Fears. Relationships. Loves.

It's no coincidence that Blood Ties was welcomed so positively by fans, despite there being no combat nor tomb raiding: it allowed us to explore her as a person, to get inside her head and see what makes her who she is. It's why Rise, despite being a superb game, didn't have the emotional connection that its predecessor did - there was no one for Lara to bounce off of, even Jonah was little more than a glorified pack mule. And Lara wasn't about to open up to temporary allies such as the Remnants (though if she had I can definitely see it taking the wonderful form you penned).

Thing is, gaming is changing; it's more than simply a how-many-enemies-can-I-shoot experience nowadays. The central character's story is becoming ever more prevalent and important.

CD realized that when they rebooted the series in 2013, but they're dangerously close to taking a step back. Lara's lost almost everyone , only Sam and Jonah (and Reyes, to a lesser extent) remain. And of the three, the only one she really connects with is Sam - and they've just removed that emotional outlet for Lara for the next 1-2 years.

Lara needs her friends. This "I have to do this alone" crap belongs to a different age.
1/24/2017 c5 Guest
Beautiful! I love reading all your contributions to this fandom. Thank you for continuing to write! And for bringing Sofia into this...
1/19/2017 c4 HeidiW
And to think, Sam actually begged Lara not to abandon her - AGAIN. Then she turns around and does just that.

And after all that, Sam still wants to be in her life...wake up, Lara!
1/19/2017 c4 doggy
Wait, so after everything is said and done, Lara just leaves Sam with a box of pastries? God, I wouldn't have expected a confession of love or anything, but THAT'S the way they decide to leave it?! I understand if they want to move away from Sam's character, but come on! Give the girl some credit.
4/8/2016 c3 Witchblade89
I hope "To break a Croft" isn't just an oneshot. A continuation would be great. I love all of your stories. Can't get enough of your fanfictions :)
3/21/2016 c3 junmiller
This can be a great beginning scene of the next TR game! (I always think Lara is immortal...)
3/11/2016 c3 Webber82
Really neat! You set the stage well, and expressed a lot of backstory in a short bit. And poor Lara! Don't suppose it's temporary immortality then?
3/7/2016 c3 HeidiW
Oooo, I remember this discussion - Faro channeling the author just a bit, isn't she? ;)

Missed opportunity, indeed - I had a sneaking suspicion the breaking of Lara wouldn't be in the corporeal sense (even though she suffered abuse aplenty and Faro deliciously teased a physical incapacity), but I didn't expect this turn of events. Removing the last vestiges of Lara's humanity (through a superb turn of trickery, no less) was nothing if not brilliant.

The entire conversation with Faro made for such an engrossing read - you can really feel her (very real) admiration for Lara, which is made all the more powerful by her determination to crush her soul. Her gleeful reaction to Lara's growing horror was beautifully done.

I do hope that the fountain's effects only persist within the chasm, Last-Crusade style. The notion of Lara becoming ever more estranged from humanity is painful enough to contemplate, without even considering the long term effects of her immortality - you can bet that a century from now the authorities will want to lock her away in a labroatory for experimentation and study. She will become the subject worthy of others' investigation, much to her horror.

But the most painful bit of this for me was the hint that Sam was still fighting against Himiko's control, three years later. Poor Sammie :(

Oh, and Lara's becoming quite the pickpocket, isn't she? They'd better start making it an acquired in-game skill before long - new Trinity directive: Always keep gear in a zipped-up dufflebag when Lara Croft is about ;)
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