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for Until I Found You

6/14/2019 c13 Guest
Ok.. . I know it's been a agile since this story was written but I'm gonna need you to finish it PPPLLLLEEEAAASSSEEEE! its one of my favorites
9/16/2017 c1 1queenmancilla13
please update!
2/2/2017 c13 1A ShrinkinG VIOLET GIrL
and the search begins!
2/2/2017 c9 A ShrinkinG VIOLET GIrL
oh all three of them is in deep shit!
2/2/2017 c3 A ShrinkinG VIOLET GIrL
11/2/2016 c13 2arses21
Yeah! She's being brave and putting her heart on the line for true love! With JJ & Rossi by her side, I know she'll make amends with D.
Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to post a chapter for us, you're awesome!
10/31/2016 c13 1went

ok so very happy and excited to see this update (and so very sorry to hear about your loss :( )

go penelope go! get all goddess on him and bring him home!

i love how jj's attitude changes from how could you to you need to listen to rossi lol jj you little tart you ;)
10/31/2016 c13 178jenny crum
I can't wait till she finds him and tells him, please update soon
10/31/2016 c13 5dellaslovinlife
Yass! Go get your man, P! GREAT update! :)
10/31/2016 c13 Kimd33
I'm glad she going after him.
10/1/2016 c12 4LovelyGirl51
Awesome take on their relationship, really interesting to read!

Hope you update soon, cause I can't wait to see (read) what happens next.
9/14/2016 c1 Cassandra30
Excellent start! Very interesting.
9/7/2016 c12 5dellaslovinlife
Oh my! Poor Jason, but glad he isn't something like a Kevin or anything. And poor Penelope because she doesn't relish in hurting anyone, but the heart wants what it wants...
9/7/2016 c12 2arses21
Whew, poor Pen having to go through that! My heart breaks for both of them. While horrible, at least it's over and she can move forward. You read my mind (with your ending A.N) about taking care of Jason! He's too great of a guy. Glad you were able to update.
9/7/2016 c12 Kimd33
At least, she is free.
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