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for Someone Shot Our Innocence

7/20 c4 3TaskFailer
Miss Fortune: "Let's fuck!"

Chat Blanc: "I'm gonna pop that bubble."
7/20 c1 TaskFailer
I love how you did the square relationship from the cartoon but times ten and reversed
9/7/2019 c4 4The Fake Author
Mon Dieu!
i so love this story... Pls continue
4/10/2018 c4 Shiranai Atsune
I miss this fanfic! I wish there were more!

...will this be rated 'M' in later chapters?
3/3/2018 c1 12socialgirl378
Well dang, this is interesting. First fic of the duo being villains and Hawkmoth a hero I read, and it's pretty good. Do like this version of Chloe, a good person who wants to help others. Also, how many chapters do you or did you plan to write?
12/11/2017 c1 Silver Butterfly 111
Please update this, I don't come across too many of these types of fics and I'm very interested to see where this goes.
3/21/2017 c4 1accountorphaned
Someone didn't SHOOT their innocence, someone covered it with paper cuts, dipped it in lemon juice and rolled it in salt. Then skinned it.
But I fell in love with Villian! Marinette and Adrien, and it's all your fault. Thank you.
I hate you.
3/19/2017 c4 Guest
I love it 3 That's all there really is to say 3
3/20/2017 c4 Intensereadermanic
Ladybug as a supervillian is so annoying. I would have liked to see her act even colder and more like the original ladybug when she's around civilians- so Adrien. I'm not sure where this is going to lead but I'm always up for reverse roles. Good luck.
3/18/2017 c4 3missdragongirl
Haha, cute! Good chapter, well done! 3
3/18/2017 c4 Muffinmilk317
Great chapter!
But Im a little confused... I thought they knew about eachother's secret identities
3/18/2017 c4 197KagamiPINKAgreste
OH MY CHERRY BLOSSOMS! In white or black I LOVE KITTY! Miss Forunte is so much better than The Bug (Ladybug). I read all 4 chapters I can't wait fur more of this story. I do hope we can see some interaction with Plagg/Tikki. I mean Adrien/Mari dark, how did Plagg/Tikki end up with them?

Mari needs to stop hitting Adrien, she is hurting our purrfect Kitty. Both of them "aren't good at making friends" yet both have each other plus Adrien is bestie with Nino & Mari is bestie with Alya. I hope Chole can get through to being at least friends with Adrien/Mari outside their villain masks. ;-)
3/18/2017 c4 3Insane Master Writer Studio
I'm not going to make any obvious jokes right now. Obvious joke is obvious. Also, I swear Marrinette is gonna have a massive hangover the next day. And probally a lot of regrets. But once again, this was good.
2/27/2017 c3 PhantomMeow
Oh my god! This is hilarious!
2/23/2017 c3 Insane Master Writer Studio
Well, this took a while to come out, but it was worth the wait. This was certiantly entertaining, and the idea of Pappillion creating heroes is growing on me. Especailly since he doesn't actually force them.
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