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9/17/2016 c13 26Indigo Jupiter
NO no noooooooooooooooooooooooooo! this can't be happening *gushes a waterfall of tears! how could you?! please don't take Flannery away! Winter will be so lonely without her!
I beg you, please save her! *sniff sniff.

P.S. I now officially hate Chimeras (pouts angrily)
Noni ;(
8/8/2016 c12 Indigo Jupiter
Hey I liked this chapter! it was a nice change to read from winter's perspective! And boy did i love it! :D

I myself got a little emotional after winter met his mother! :') pity it was only a dream. But why the hell he acted so heartless when he came to find out freddie's true identity? But then i don't blame him. It must have been a shocker.
Good thing Daniel knocked some senses in him. Winter as a girl? i would want to see that XD

And oh my the kiss between Winter and flannery was so hot! XD

Chimera!...i got only 4 words for this guild' May God Help you'...
Translation: chimeras are scary!

Noni :D
7/24/2016 c12 6Unicute17
OMG I love this fic
7/2/2016 c11 1Uncommon.books
Nice! I'm glad Frederica's (or if it Flannery?) truth came out. I wonder what you'll do with that... Sorry for not reviewing sooner. Life got hard. Keep updating!
6/29/2016 c11 26Indigo Jupiter
Le me gasp! what just happened? :O...

I had to read the whole thing twice, before i finally got it! that frederica is just a play-along. It's flannery! you have no idea how shocked i was!
Now that explains a lot of her odd behavior. Glad my confusion got sorted out.

Though i found arista discomfit slightly amusing when taking a walk with freddie and alalanta XD

Oh no...winter took it rather badly, didn't he? poor guy...

But Daniel saved the day by giving out threats. The threats were hilarious XD
And aww...we got to see a cute moment between Arista and Danny :D

Interesting chapter!
Noni :D
6/28/2016 c1 Meister Fallon
Please tell me you are actually half Japanese and know about Japanese culture. This honestly made me cringe I:
6/18/2016 c10 11Digidestined10
Please update soon!
6/15/2016 c10 1Uncommon.books
I'm glad Arista's back! My brother thought she was actually dead... I like Freddie! She's cool! To bad she was prophesied to die... Maybe there will be a plot twist? Maybe? I do want to learn more about her past though. Keep up the good work and DON'T kill Arista again, please.
6/12/2016 c10 26Indigo Jupiter
Ha! i knew Frederica was up to something! she finally admitted it, though inwardly but still. I am dying to know what is it?!
Her inner thoughts too are messing up with her as well XD First Arista now her...i am not complaining, i am lovin it XD

Arista! she returned finally! :'D Thank Goodness she's in one piece! And ouch...that slap! betcha it might hurt a lot Daniel! Arista how could you? but then i would be pissed off as well if someone left me behind. It's like a mother leaving her child behind :P
Hahaha...Apollo was singing a haikus in his daughter's mind. That scene made me Lol! XD...I will go down will Aristaniel ship :D
On a serious note i am glad to see some development springing up between both couples.

Winter is so pervy XD Though Frederica admit it...you like that, didn't you? *winks ;D

I wonder where this dream will go on?

A happy and good chapter!
Noni :)
6/11/2016 c9 Indigo Jupiter
You are thanking me for wisdom? *raises eyebrow...now i am curious...you owe me an explanation lady! XD

No no nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...Arista died?! how could you do that?! T_T...
Daniel clingy-ness and stubbornness was so downright adorable! though the reason behind it was heart shattering...but i couldn't help admiring his desperation! it just shows that irrevocably he has fallen for arista :')

And boy did i fell blue too when the team continue it's quest! :S...Will pain was so hard to imagine!
California is festering with monsters? odd...i thought monsters were fond of dark. It's the other way around here. I guess they like it because of sun?

Wait! Arista is alive! Yay!...though the way you mentioned the conditions, i think she's threading along the lines of mortal peril :S Yikes!
So much is at odds now!...

Noni :')
6/11/2016 c8 Indigo Jupiter
It doesn't sound that difficult when Apollo told that mission to his daughter. Though i am awfully curious that why Frederica is acting as though the cat has escaped from the box? I guess coming chapters will tell me that...

Hahaha, i so like this inner voice inside Arista XD
And woah! Arista can sing too? *_* she writes haikus, is a skilled archer and a singer...she's perfect! almost :D
That was very sly of Frederica to make her sing :P
The road trip was funny as hell! XD...didn't knew that freddie and winter were worst drivers! one of the reasons why they are perfect for each other ;D

The dream, or to be more precise nightmare...it was so saddening! that was the last thing i was expecting, that flannery becoming phoenix...i suppose she made some kind of vow about life of freddie?

Oh no! the japanese girl is injured! someone please save her *le gasp in horror!

Good chapter!
Noni :)
6/6/2016 c7 Indigo Jupiter
hahaha...I knew something was going on between Daniel and Arista...*sighs dreamily...wish they were together XD

And woah, Freddie was attacked by Monsters? why did she go to convenient store alone? i am suspecting she's trying to prove something or is formulating the plan?! *raises eyebrow.

Arista...you should have killed Danny dad! that prick and insolent soul doesn't deserves to live!

Hahaha, those boxers! that was priceless! you know i rarely laugh while reading fics as intense as this! but somehow you manage to make me smile what with Crestfall smiling at the observation and Arista fighting the inner voice! XD...so thank you! :D
Oh no! what this?! Drakon attacked them! good thing Winter was there to save their necks for cause for a moment i thought they lost it!
Daniel father died?...that was fast.

Oh...her father is visiting her? i wonder what's up?
Noni :)
5/27/2016 c9 1Uncommon.books
! She almost DIED! I thought Freddie was going to be the one that died! And where is the Phoenix?! Why are you killing me with the SUSPENSE!?
5/25/2016 c8 Uncommon.books
CLIFFHANGERS! You better not leave me waiting. Did Daniel say "Winter get Arista out of here" or is Winter hurt too? Or am I completely wrong? Arista is really improving with her aim and I can feel her relationship with her dad growing... Does Arista have some sort of power that allows her to see into her friends past or am I just making things up. But, Frederica isn't dead so it couldn't be her real past or did she somehow survive. And I would like to see more of Flannery! You have a real talent for writing and I can't wait for future chapters! I wonder how the story will end...
5/14/2016 c1 Tortoises snack
Yes and I think you should write more than 8 chapters, because tis is really good.
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