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12/12/2023 c1 Romana973
So I’m confused — this story shows that it was updated today (12/12/23) but I don’t see anything more than the 1st chapter. Does that mean you are taking down all but the first chapter?
10/20/2023 c18 Bevey99
Amazing story. Loved it. They were wonderful together. As always thanks for writing and sharing.

Funny thing I live in Texas and went to Costa Rica in 2019.
7/29/2023 c18 Guest
The story is great, but I just feel the ending is lacking... .like it was too abrupt and needed one more chapter
7/1/2023 c18 CynMar Rom
I'm glad to be reading this when it's complete lol.
What a wonderful lesson.
Thanks for sharing!
1/28/2023 c4 Guest
Its kind of dejavu. I was at California and yosemite a month ago. And i had a friend- very adventurous, and he fell on a cactus at Joshua Tree. How we find small bits to relate.
1/19/2023 c18 JaysWorld2
Y'know, in the hayday of Twifics cirka 2008-2014, I feel like the majority of "good fics" were 14k long chapters detailing almost every conversation and action. Iblike how you mnaged to fit so much story and passing of time in _only_ 18 chapters. It was a damn nice ride, and one of my favorite Edwards so far.
12/18/2022 c18 Back - In - The - Day
Fantastic as always. I love your writing. Thanks for this treat!
12/6/2022 c18 Smusic F. Reader
Just finished this wonderful story. I loved it! I’m happy with the direction everything took. I think this was one of the only stories that I didn’t worry about how life would happen for them after tragedy. The way we consoled her was beautiful. He gave her time, while at the same time taking care of her, then being there when needed. I love this Edward and Bella. I also loved Renee’s advice to Bella. The ending was absolutely perfect, but you know how I always want more. LOL.
6/2/2022 c18 10Annie Butts
They are wonderful.
Maybe someday you’d do an epilogue of snippets of their future.
It sounds like they would have lots of fun
6/1/2022 c17 Annie Butts
I really like renee
6/1/2022 c16 Annie Butts
Meg! 2 mean chapters in a row!
6/1/2022 c15 Annie Butts
Meg! That’s mean
6/1/2022 c14 Annie Butts
Pull out is scary
6/1/2022 c13 Annie Butts
6/1/2022 c12 Annie Butts
I wish I would have traveled more
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