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for Dauntless Redemption

9/27 c27 3Bronkwin2
I sat and read this in one sitting when i was meant to be sleeping.
8/22 c27 2KatnissJeanPrior
Well done for sticking with this story for so long! I really like the idea than Susan could become a strong heroine. I always wanted to read more about her during Insurgent and was disappointed when she disappeared from the books. I also like how you portray Eric as kinda good and kinda bad too. And the ending…is great! Not having the complete happily ever after is totally realistic. Who would’ve thought Christina and Will weren’t meant to be?

It’s a real pity this is only a fan fic…but it is certainly my favourite yet!
8/22 c23 KatnissJeanPrior
Really nice to see Marcus punished! But wouldn’t Andrew and Natalie be surprised or annoyed that Tris and Tobias were dating whilst they were Abnegation teens?
4/28 c1 Amaure
These are the type of stories I love to read. I hope I can see your work in NovelStar. There are also a lot of talented writers in that platform. You may check their group on Facebook.
1/30 c10 paula'08
Eric and Suzy are so frickin' cute
1/30 c9 paula'08
It surprised me that it was Eric who stopped the fight
1/30 c8 paula'08
Noooo Suzy, don't give up on Eric
1/30 c7 paula'08
Clearly knocking sense out of Max won’t be easy. Them laughing about the Peter incident is definitely funny though
1/30 c6 paula'08
Peter’s such an idiot
1/30 c5 paula'08
I didn't remember Eric's life being so screwed up when he asked Four for help, damn. Well at least he now trusts him and everything
1/30 c4 paula'08
I love reading from Eric's POV, otherwise he's so cryptic it's hard to know what's going through his mind. Glad Tobias and Tris could chat again
1/30 c3 paula'08
Let initiation begin! (initiation to the both of them falling in love that is). Hope Tobias can talk to Tris sooner rather than later!
1/30 c2 paula'08
Rereading because a story where Susan is such a badass and Eric is nice is always appealing. Can't wait for Tris and Tobias to reunite
8/30/2020 c27 Guest
Nice story. Interesting too.
8/30/2020 c22 Guest
They aren't making up any time soon.
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