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9/5/2022 c6 1MaxTrueOmnipotent1
great story however your accelerating the plot way to fast. After this he will have faced off against nearly all the major powerhouses then what? How about having him kill mard then become the new leader of tartus and takes the women in the guild into his harem.
9/5/2022 c5 MaxTrueOmnipotent1
great plot you should have madara make a harem
8/6/2022 c6 Guest
Cool stuff
7/27/2022 c1 Guest
Not bad
7/23/2022 c6 ExcaliberShooter
Holy crap this story hasn't updated in a real long time. I hope the next chapter comes sooner then later because this here is very good so far showing how strong Madara is in comparison of everyone else.
7/20/2022 c6 8Izzudin Armain
Astaga, Mbah Madara ngamuk wkwkwk
9/22/2020 c7 Guest
9/10/2020 c7 AkashiReiko30
Next olease~~π.π
8/18/2020 c1 angel-tae
this story is so good, please update
6/15/2020 c7 Guest
is ur story ded
4/24/2020 c7 EveLicht
you have not updated
9/22/2019 c7 13Tonegawa Rie
lol why the heck I find this entertaining, Madara having fun and all
5/15/2019 c7 KingKaz
Please revive it
5/16/2019 c7 2Lil Author Vert
lmfao he lied
5/10/2019 c7 Kinghines21
please tell me this story is going to be updated soon caus madara is on the war path
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