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for Love In The Dark (A Deckerstar FanFiction)

9/22/2019 c8 13Fullshadow
Hi, just wanted to let you know I'm loving this.
7/10/2019 c21 klaroline and Jemi
What happened to maze?! Did she survive?! Did she die?! What?! Other than that I loved this story
5/27/2019 c21 Obsessive reader 7
What a beautiful story! I loved this Lucifer who was more in touch with and ready to believe his feelings!
5/4/2019 c7 1Peace-J
I'm liking the story a lot but, to be honest, it's a bit unrealistic to think that a trained police is going to deliver the evidence of their case only because of the threat that they are going to hurt someone they kare about whithout proof that they are close or have a way to approach that person. No case would be solved like this Every time someone was suspected they would simply threaten to harm a loved member of their family and thats it.

I think at least you could add some kind of proof even if it's nothing more that a recording of Lucifer saying the word "detective"
4/26/2019 c21 46ladyTpower
I loved this story. it was great
2/24/2019 c16 Guest
This story is the worst thing i have ever read. and trust i do nothig but read.
2/24/2019 c21 hummergirlnv
This was an awesome love story.
Thank you,
12/11/2017 c21 italuna
can you make a sequel?
10/11/2017 c21 63Bebec
Wonderful story
10/11/2017 c11 Bebec
Awwww ** So cute and so sad!
10/11/2017 c6 Bebec
This case is so creepy Oo I like it so far!
10/11/2017 c5 Bebec
Dan, you bastard! I'm glad is not like this in the show. X(
10/11/2017 c4 Bebec
Argh! Maze I do like you but...now I hate you!
They were so close to kiss! Too bad!
10/11/2017 c1 Bebec
I like this first chapter.
3/7/2017 c5 Mary
As much as Dan "hurt" Chloe in the show, by making her look crazy about the Palmetto shooting that he was responsible for, I don't see him ever hitting Chloe, and NEVER hitting Trixie! Chloe is to strong of a women to stay with a wife beater. Im guessing you put that in so Lucifer would have feelings he'd never felt before. Otherwise, I'm quite enjoying it.
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