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for Saving Tobey

3/21 c6 Guest
3/19 c7 Guest
I am really enjoying this 10/10 read so far! I love the authors notes, and the little bible verses at the end! I also enjoy that it’s realistic, and it actually feels like it would actually be something in wordgirl!
1/12 c22 pemlonepelop
This fanfic rlly changed my perspective on wordgirl that I can't look at it as wordgirl anymore.. YOU DID SO WELLA T WRITINGS THIS HELLO⁉️
11/28/2023 c1 6Avivatin Marva Eloquis Kratt
I love this story! Thank you! Also, the Bible verses at the end add a nice touch to it!
10/19/2023 c27 TheFandomWarriorLexy
Ahhhhh, that was all so good! I loved it! Everyone’s characterization was amazing! Becky’s and Tobey’s was so heartfelt, wholesome, and intense, it was very easy to feel for them. Bob was great, and I loved the Narrator’s moments, they were always amusing (don’t worry, they didn’t kill the tone). I read all your author’s notes, they were always insightful and gave me a chuckle or two. It was a really nice touch using uncommon words as chapter titles and adding the definition, it really set the tone. I also enjoyed the corresponding Bible verses at the end of the chapter and how they related with it (honestly makes me want to do that with my own stories).

All in all, wonderful story! I actually read Captain’s Log before this, and had no idea you wrote Saving Tobey (which I heard about on Pinterest) and I started reading Time to Go Home before this, but came here to avoid (more) spoilers and understand the characters better. I ate up Saving Tobey in 2 days (and I think I read over 2/3 the first day) and I look forward to going back to Time to Go Home. Hope you’re doing well, thank for such great fanfiction!
9/3/2023 c21 22howardrhonda828
This chapter kind of made me uncomfortable. It reeks of "I Can Change Him" vibes, and this often ends disastrously in real-life (think domestic abuse).
6/10/2023 c26 1Ultimatrix bearer
Beautiful conclusion. If the show had been allowed to actually resolve the villain conflicts this could totally be a canon send off for Tobey.

4/23/2023 c17 1pennyroks77
In "Mousezilla" Tobey and Dr Two-Brains both get taken to the police station, so "Tobey Goes Good" isn't the only one, though it is my favorite episode.
4/21/2023 c21 pennyroks77
This is the first time I rooted for a Tobecky kiss ;3
4/21/2023 c11 pennyroks77
Can you please get this book printed? I would 100% buy it! You can do it on .
4/21/2023 c1 pennyroks77
This was the best thing I read all day 3 Thank you for writing it! I loved the bible verse at the end. So spooky, exciting and thought-provoking and I'm only one chapter in. I really liked Dr. Two Brains's quote about Tobey. 10000/10
3/11/2023 c26 Guest
This chapter is honestly kinda sad. I saw this story called "Saving Steven Boxleitner." Was hoping it was yours but it was a different author who unfortunately appears to have abandoned it or is encountering writer's block. Dr. Two Brains never had a choice sadly.
11/9/2022 c26 Guest
nice story!
6/7/2022 c27 12MOGA-hunter
Never thought I would get this invested in a several years old word girl fic, but here we are.
3/25/2022 c10 Guest
-sorry, posted my review by mistake before I was done typing. Anyway, for a second I was relieved but then I realized how he acted in the last chapter and how he is in general, and it hit me that Tobey is the sort of guy that will still seriously ignore your boundaries and do messed up shit, but at the same time put all the nasty undertones of the relationship out of his head and act/think like nothing’s wrong and you’re both in agreement. And that is so accurate! Painful, but so grippingly true! He totally would force Becky to hang out with him (and hold her secret over her head) while acting and thinking like she has a choice— he’s done it before in Go Gadget Go, after all. If he was really respecting her choices, he’d give her the tape. He wouldn’t even feel a need to force her to reveal herself through city threatening at all, for Pete’s sake. He’s not seeing himself as deliberately hurting her right now, but he still hasn’t gotten near fully reformed, and that makes total sense.
Now I’m a little afraid to read where this goes, heh, although mostly excited for where you’re taking this! How will Becky reform Tobey from this position? Before now, he’s been pretty easy, honestly, but that’s just because he kept getting what he wanted, WordGirl’s attention. There was no real reason for him not to go along with it. Now, he has WordGirl’s attention and no reason to give her her choices back, no real reason to promise not to give up the secret. Not that I think he wants to make her suffer over it, but he probably won’t be immediately inclined to say yes if she asks for the tape. Why should he? he’ll think. He’s not going to use it to hurt her as long as they get to hang out. And he’s not going to make her do anything *bad*, he just gets a way to make sure she won’t ignore him...
Not that I don’t think he can’t be convinced.
Also, was the “truth” Tobey was referring to actually meant to be his crush on her? Because that’s absolutely friggin’ adorable. And—man, he’s probably under the impression that she likes him too— why else would Becky tell him to call her in the first place? Now he’s gonna act like they’re dating, aw, jeez—poor Tobey. It would be perfect if he wasn’t under the impression that it was still mostly okay to do shit like in the last chapter to his new friend. Good luck, Becky! This story has completely lost me in its grip, and I can’t wait to keep reading!
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