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for Saving Tobey

3/25/2022 c10 Guest
Oh, my God— this fanfic is just so engrossing that I keep neglecting the comment box to get to the next chapter! But in this short breather I’m taking, I have to say I love your heart-wrenchingly accuracy in your portrayal of Tobey! Honestly, I practically was tearing up last chapter, because of course it wouldn’t be that realistic for Toby McCallister to really pass up the opportunity to force Becky to reveal her identity— he’s proved that in the show multiple times over, but god, does it hurt. In a good way, because he’s so true to life! You want to love him for his sweet, sincere enthusiasm and adoration, and can almost understand his behavior from how lonely he must be, but at the same time there’s always the bitter reality that he doesn’t care about consent or truly treat—possibly even see— other people (even the one he so adores) as equals. And that bitter yet perfectly realistic realization hit so hard in the last chapter, especially— you really nailed him, and God do I love how you pulled my heartstrings with this story by building up our love and then hitting us with that reality as soon as one begins to relax. I really was right alongside Becky with my emotions in this story— that was fantastic! It really puts you right along with her. And then this chapter— for a second I was relieved, thinking in my hopeless affection that maybe Tobey was just gonna treat WordGirl/Becky as a friend and not actually hold it over her head,
3/22/2022 c26 Table2.0
Only thing I dislike about this story is the bible stuff at the end- quite unnecessary, but it’s easy to skip at least
3/22/2022 c2 Table2.0
This is written so well- the dialogue sounds like it’s right out of an episode and I love it
3/22/2022 c26 candywasabi
six years later and I just happened to stumble upon this fic. I had literally never watched this show, since it wasn't aired where I live. But in recent months, people have been posting clips from the show on youtube, and the fandom seems to be resurging. If you read this, I want you to know that this was such a fun read Your writing style is just sooo good! It was a heart warming story, thank you for taking your time to write this!
3/13/2022 c1 Gloria
3/10/2022 c9 B.H. storys
God dann that was good I had pit some madness combat music over the last scene and it was real I tense we dome brother
3/10/2022 c22 bro joe
where on earth is the narrator?
3/9/2022 c20 bro joe
Things are getting juicy
3/9/2022 c18 bro joe
This is amazing you should be a writer whenever wordgirl get srebooted
3/9/2022 c17 bro joe
Why did Dr 2 brains said that i mean tobey was turning good nowhere just pops out the ground and tells tobey what has happened
3/7/2022 c27 4Finwee Lord of Long Winds
To say that this story was an unexpected experience for me is an understatment. I only found the story as a friend sent me a link to a youtube video overlaying a song over a wordgirl skit based on this story. I was surprised at the idea this cartoon from my childhood actually had people writing over it and decided to see what it was all about.

And while it obviously had to be a childish story due to the source materiel it really did manage to convey a degree of maturity and significance that belie its origins. I am glad I got to read this even if its over half a decade after it ended.
3/7/2022 c12 bro joe
maaan tobey is kinda sweet
3/5/2022 c26 Guest
An amazing story! I applaud your dedication to this story and masterful writing. It really took me for an adventure with wordgirl and tobey. I read it all in a day, it was so easy to get hooked. I hope you write another or continue with this storyline. Thank you so much!
1/18/2021 c19 1Mr.L-GreenThunder
This is amazing, i love it, its so in depth and emotional, tobimac 10/10, and the bible verses are awesome!
1/8/2021 c27 7supersaiyangoku065768
Finally finished my reread of this fanfic and I still can't believe that I would find this much enjoyment from a WordGirl fanfiction XD. Your ability to bring the characters from the cartoon to the story was great! Even the flipping Narrator didn't feel tacky! Watching Becky and Tobey struggle to make headway with each other is some of the most entertaining stuff that I've seen in any medium (fanfics, movies, cartoon; you name it!)

The only minor nitpicks that I've got is that sometimes the character speech tags felt a little redundant, but thas prolly the only problem I can spot. Your attention to detail is nothing short of inspirational, and I aspire to one day make a work like yours! Continue being great!

P.S: Your Author's Notes give me life XD
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