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3/18/2019 c1 davis ceballos
i am a tobeck n
2/25/2019 c1 Davis Ceballos
this is amazing, oh my gosh!1
2/22/2019 c9 2adrienna73
One of Favorite chapter
1/11/2019 c13 adrienna73
This was an amazing chapter, I just love it. She is tough and sad and scared and worried at the same time. It’s brilliant, I’ve got no idea how you get this great ideas
1/11/2019 c11 adrienna73
“A curious case of curiosity” is an episode that Becky calls Scoops by the home phone in the living room, and Sally also uses the phone from the hallway.
1/11/2019 c11 adrienna73
I’m a Cristian and I believe in miracles and supernatural healing. I’m happy for the person
12/7/2018 c16 Shagdoge
I dislike the trash you like to throw after the chapter. It's pretty big eyesore.
9/27/2018 c27 62FountainPenguin
And thus, the story is at its end. Really, I needed some time to sit back and gather my thoughts before I write this final review. There's a lot of delicious content in this story, and it was a very enjoyable read.

First off, I completely forgot to mention in my last review that my favorite part of that Kid Math and Tobey chapter was Kid Math happily flying off holding a screaming Tobey by his ankle, and the Narrator musing to WordGirl that she "might want to let Kid Math know that Tobey goes to his house, not to jail." Something about the delivery of that line just cracks me up. I think about it every day. Oh, the troubles a young superhero has to deal with.

And I need to say that I just love the fact that Kid Math legitimately DID drop Tobey off in jail, and Claire had to go and fish her son out (with Tobey ranting the whole time about how that's not how this is supposed to work and Kid Math is too clueless to realize he's too young for jail). And I did enjoy Kid Math's final cameo in the story, where he obliviously attempts to help Tobey with his math homework, and injures his pride in the process. Not to mention the fact that he's STILL the clueless superhero kid who can't keep his identity secret very well. What a great character. You pulled him off so well.

As I said before, I have an interest in psychology, and I was hooked on this story from the moment I read its description. Even though I knew everything would ~probably~ resolve itself by the end of the story and Tobey would become a "good" boy (or at least be taking steps in the right direction), you did an amazing job of keeping me on my toes. There were surprises at every turn, from Tobey's spontaneous rampages on the city to him discovering Becky is really WordGirl. I constantly found myself holding my breath and waiting for the next chapter. I read this story every chance I got, and I enjoyed it a lot.

I mentioned earlier that I'm not much of a Tobecky shipper, but I really did enjoy watching their dynamic play out, and I think you did a very good job of playing up the friendly aspects of their relationship, and not taking the "easy" route by allowing things to dissolve into romance that conquers all and changes someone's personality entirely. No. You took the psychological route with a lot of thought and care, and I really appreciate that. True love's kiss didn't turn everything around, and in fact there are no kisses here at all. The tension between Becky and Tobey when he found out her secret identity was palpable. I loved it.

Additionally, I adored your portrayal of Claire, and the Tobey/Claire relationship in general. You made Claire such a great character who truly does care for her son, in her "tough love" sort of way. The scene where Tobey backs away from his mother outside, clutching his remote, and allows his robot to whisk him away, really got me in the heart. Nervous boy is growing up. I could feel the emotions leaking through. And Becky's relationship with her family came through powerfully as well.

If anything, my one real "critique" of this story is that I would have loved to see your takes on Chuck and the Butcher or any of the other villains, just for the sake of fleshing out the world (and because I love your characterizations and was curious to see villains besides Two-Brains weigh in on this situation). But at the same time, this 'fic was never meant to be about the other villains. The focus is SUPPOSED to be on Becky and Tobey, and I think you gave them the attention that they needed. Adding anyone else might have detracted from the story. You worked with a nice balance of characters, and I think all their characterizations were spot-on. I absolutely loved your portrayal of Captain Huggyface, and the Narrator's occasional commentary and fourth wall breaks, too.

Excellent work here, blending the cartoon world with realism and deepening so many characters in very intriguing ways. I enjoyed this piece a lot.
9/12/2018 c7 FountainPenguin
This story may be two years old now, but it's my first time reading it, and it's definitely growing on me. I've always loved "WordGirl", but could only watch the show in bits and pieces, and never had much interest in pursuing the fandom.

I'm actually (tentatively) working out my first "WordGirl" story myself, about WordGirl semi-training Kid Math to be a noble superhero (or otherwise looking out for him as he struggles to navigate the foster care system). Out of curiosity I thought I'd poke around in search of interesting fanfics to read. While not a Tobey/WordGirl fan in a romantic way myself, I read that summary and knew I was hooked. I love your Becky portrayal, especially in conjecture with Captain Huggyface so far. And the narrator is A too.

When Dr. Two-Brains explained his "Don't fight Tobey anymore" plan, I wondered if Kid Math would be making an appearance. After all, having Kid Math take him on seems like the perfect solution. But he basically has just that one episode and I didn't see him featured in the descriptions of any of the other 'fics on this site, so I wasn't holding out much hope. But he did arrive, and I'm delighted! After reading this chapter and seeing the little blue goofball in all his glory, I couldn't resist dropping a review. Besides, what author doesn't love still getting reviews on pieces that wrapped up years ago? I got you.

First off, your writing style fits the show very well. You've had people flop, slouch over, flail their arms about, and all sorts of awesome body language. Nailed it. Additionally, it's always difficult to write two characters in a situation they were never seen in in canon for the first time (i.e. Tobey and WordGirl being friendly rather than confrontational), but overall I think they've been pulled off well. I think you've really nailed Tobey's pouting, spoiled, entitled attitude. He's a schemer, all right.

I have to say, I'm working on my psychology degree, so it's been an absolute delight to watch Becky's (and Two-Brains') plan to positively reinforce his good behavior unfold. I think you pulled off Two-Brains very well so far, combining his childishness combined with his mad scientist wisdom. Opening with the aquarium / Goldfish cracker scene was perfect, and I was cracking up when he requested that WordGirl bring him cheese in jail before he continue his explanation. That's our guy.

Well, I have many more chapters (and 'fics of yours) to read, so I shall wrap up this review. Thanks for including Kid Math. He's my current favorite. You captured his body language and logical outlook on life / perfectly / in this chapter and the last. His double-hand thrust when he cries, "She's doing something else!" is my favorite. He's so... blunt and straightforward and... logical. You got him. I was giggling when he was zipping forward too fast and pinwheeing his arms to slow his speed. That sounds exactly like something a young superhero kid would do. And it would seem that he's improved his banter bit by bit. That's good. He's learning. I love how WordGirl tentatively told him she "knows he's a perfectly capable superhero" to his face, but shadows him anyway. That describes their relationship to a T, I think.

It's exciting to see that this 'fic is finished, and then I get to move on to "Time to Go Home." Thanks for sharing your work with the world! This story's been wonderful so far and I'm sure you won't disappoint with the rest!
8/16/2018 c27 Mimacaron
I read your wonderful story a couple months ago, but I finally got around to making an account here so here’s a review! ( since that appears to be what shows the book’s popularity) I randomly started watching Wordgirl and loved it for its characters and silliness but when I found out it never had a real conclusion, I was devastated. But then I found this amazing fanfic and read it in less than a week. It continues the story beautifullly and has a lot of heart into it. It made me laugh, love the characters more, and even cry a bit in the end. Great job Night N. Gail!
4/22/2018 c7 Guest
wow. i'll be taking that reward
4/22/2018 c2 random tween
wow. yes i love the depth. one of the reasons i ship Tobey and Becky (besides their funny banter) is the suprising amount of potential and depth they both have. but i came for the story and i can tell you really enjoyed writing this because of how much i enjoyed reading this. you probably won't read this because i am often times late for everything i do and like, but i love the amount i'v read so far.
9/13/2017 c27 Adirondack
And it actually reached its end. Wow, an amazing story, truly.
9/13/2017 c14 3Dr. Gale
Chapter 14: Good verse. Goes perfectly with the chapter
7/5/2017 c21 Kirsten Amanda
Oh wow, I remember clearly when I first read the beginning of this story a few years ago. I remember not really getting its meaning, simply reading it because I was part of the Wordgirl fandom. Now, about two years later, I began thinking of this fandom and this story. I reread the earlier chapters and thought they were extremely well-written, and they were something I wanted to be able to write in the future as well. I'm still trying to improve my writing, and I know I'll never stop, but this story has inspired me a whole lot, the descriptions, the fluidity of the story, the plot, the characterization, everything. I decided to comment on this chapter in particular because I thought this one was the one that impacted me the most. I grew up watching this show and I loved Tobey's character in particular. Now that I read over this, I realize just how much of his character could be explored and how deep the characters of this story really are. Between the wave of nostalgia, the way it was written, and the raw emotions behind it, I was in tears. I love your writing and I know that this story is definitely going to inspire my own writing and many other writers. I just thought of maybe posting a little bit of my thoughts, I never imagined my comment would be this long, so I apologize for that (;). I don't really know how to end this paragraph thingy I just wrote, so...

Very well written, I loved it, I'm sure many other fans did too, and thank you for inspiring me, and probably many more writers out there as well .
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