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for Harry Potter and the philosophers stone - if parents survived

7/31/2016 c2 Guest
This is really good but in future make sure you space your story out properly. The solid paragraphs is a bit hard to read. I am going to assume it got messed up when you copied it across. Loving the story though. Thanks!
3/10/2016 c11 4Sissy Boo
Of Harry went to see Hagrid and Ron went to the common room how is it that both Harry and Ron told Hagrid about Snape?
3/10/2016 c8 Sissy Boo
You posted the same chapter twice.
2/23/2016 c2 Guest
Ok, I stop here. This story seemed interesting until the addition of the Weasleys, specially Ron. New experiences should create a different person and the choice of better friends. It's not even bashing Ron, he just isn't good enough. No need of Thief!Ron, the canon!Ron is boring enough.

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