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1/2 c3 reisova
12/31/2020 c3 Denie1943
Very nice. So sad that you didn't complete this lovely story. Thanks for sharing. Stay well!
5/8/2016 c3 2patrickssong
I like the introduction of Tante Matilda into the mix. We get a glimpse into the Captain's past and find out a little bit more about his demeanor. I also like that Maria has a friend. I like that you have also added your own little touches and dialogue into the original film. It gives it something extra special and in some cases, humorous.

Keep writing! I am enjoying this story :)
5/8/2016 c2 patrickssong
This was done very, very well. I like the little extra injections of humour, such as the captain being glared at by Gretl. I also love the way you describe the villa as soon as Maria walks inside. We get an idea of how she would be feeling seeing the exquisite furnishings, all the signs of wealth and privilege.

Awesome chapter :)
4/17/2016 c3 Maria
Oh I do hope you update this soon! I love it!
4/14/2016 c1 patrickssong
Oh I love this! I love the way Maria and the Captain met - it sums up Maria's flightiness so very well! I like the way you merged the elements together so seamlessly.
4/2/2016 c3 24charleybec
This was lovely, as always. You are such a clever thing weaving the different versions together so seamlessly! Great job!
3/30/2016 c3 Guest
Love this story! Just read all 3 chapters looking forward to read more
3/30/2016 c3 12ClimbEv'ryMountain
Yes Maria you're doing it right. Oh, and Georg, do continue staring and gazing deeply into Maria's eyes? I assure you it's worth it. Love this story! I love the way you put Tante Matilda and all the others. It's nice to see them in a fresh new way. :) I hope you can update soon. :)
3/30/2016 c2 ClimbEv'ryMountain
It's so cute seeing the Trapp fammily in Maria's point-of-view oh my. This story is getting really enjoyableee I love it!
3/30/2016 c1 ClimbEv'ryMountain
Ooooh I like where this is going
3/30/2016 c3 34lemacd
sorry to take so long to review. better late than never, i suppose.

one of the things i appreciate a lot about this story is that we get to have Matilda in the mix. I love that she's Matilda from the books but also Frau Schmidt from the movie. It's just so refreshing to have the parts of all the sources that I love brought together. Great job.
3/27/2016 c3 58gothicbutterfly95
So much depth in this story. The events are all very similar to the film, but by adding the layer of reality, it's quite different, particularly in how it comes out, like how Friedrich and Brigitta tell Maria they don't play.
Tante Matilda taking on Frau Schmidt's role and telling Maria all about the family was especially touching, and the ties to reality only made it more so.
And I loved that Maria found a loophole in getting playclothes for the chidren
3/27/2016 c3 33augiesannie
at the risk of repeating myself, it is nothing short of genius how you are combining the real life/book Georg with the movie Georg, so that we see both the strict disciplinarian and the loving softy, and they work well together. The backstory created here works so perfectly! I always adore life-behind-the-scenes-at-the-villa, also. Thank you SO much for this, I can tell it's a lot of work but it is paying off for this devoted fan!
3/27/2016 c3 10bloomandgrow
This is wonderful. A perfect marriage of the real story and the movie. I'm looking forward to the next chapter.
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