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for Hyperdimension Neptunia: Overload

9/22/2020 c8 2AzuMazu
Rip momo, Slain by author in year 2016
9/19/2020 c1 AzuMazu
This story is just as stupid as I remember it being

Just stupid enough that it's good!
12/13/2017 c8 2HeavenDemon29
A hilarious story. Reading this brings a smile to my face. But I have to ask, when are you planning on updating?
6/1/2017 c8 Guest
Please update this story again. It was so good, definitely the best hypersimension neptunia fanfic I've read. The overlord's personality fits so perfectly with all the characters.
12/23/2016 c1 resurrectionstories
*shock* A comrade who decided to give sentiment to the same character as well! Even the character design is similar! You sir, have inspired me to burn with passion as I continue my own Neptunia fanfic with the same MC as well! I can feel myself burning in excitement! ...Though, it's not really famous like yours, since it's on wattpad...But, nevertheless! Thank you for adding fuel to my fire! And may you come across my fix someday too! (On Wattpad!) Resutor, out.
11/29/2016 c8 McGrizz
Pretty funny how innocent the guy is "a stork delivers the baby" ha seeing ultra nep make her debut(timeskip for best nep when?)
11/20/2016 c8 4the lone soul
Cool, another update, thanks alot. Did it strike you kind of odd that Plutia, wouldnt come to help Neptune VII, I mean their BFF or something like that, also wouldnt Plutia or Peashy visit, that was one major plot hole imo. Haha, btw laughed at the Peashy training, reminded me somehow DBZ in a way. I wondered is Anti-CPU Share(Energy whatever) the like Nihilism or just general Atheism just something that struck my mind.

Storywise it was awesome, though I am not sure how you will proceed either you let this story be its own verse and dont approach or just finish some chapters before coming to the VII arc, I am fine with both variants. As for grammer and spellings, I didn't spot any big blunders, others can correct me though. Characters behaved like normal and (UD)Neptune threw out some nice meta.

Also did you play after game VII Colliseum battles? If not, well lets just say after countless Giant Metal Dogoo killings later, Neptune is lvl 750, just curious. BTW lookin forward to 4 Goddes Online

Anyway thank you for updating and keep up the good work )
11/19/2016 c8 magictoaster
Wait, wasn't Neptune in the Ultradimension already an adult by the time Victory ended?
8/30/2016 c7 90StevieBond
I like the video game parts in this one, it does feel like watching a play-through. :D
8/29/2016 c7 LinleyBaruch
Keep up the good work.
8/29/2016 c7 4the lone soul
Finall this got updated. Been through Megadimension and was impressed this game is now the best Neptunia game imo, Sad thing no Plutia, or Peashy. Question do you prefer sub over dub? Just a quik question. I may have a story i mind that I would like to do but lazy..., anyway I am glad that this is one of the rare gems here on this section, so keep up the good work.
6/25/2016 c6 ARSLOTHES
looking forward to the next chapter, hope that Momus gains a skill that allows him to return to his true form temporarily
6/6/2016 c6 3pardus9
So, I'm loving this story, has made me laugh a lot. Like seriously I'm loving it all, especially with how your portraying Momus. Ah the dense trope is so fun~. Kinda hope you'll only have Plutia as the only option cause I think she'd for him the best. Always been a fan of single pairings anyway. In any case I shall eagerly await! Till then.
6/4/2016 c6 lightkirinhuruname
5/26/2016 c6 20Raygha Raikouga
Very interesting. Hope Overlord Momus can have some transformation like CPU. Maybe he will transform into monster-like instead.
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