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for Heavenly Warrior

4/9 c2 Guest
Yo, other guest, off yourself or stfu, goddamn, you annoying ass kid
4/9 c1 Guest
He’s breathing heavy as fuck from a little spar? Goku literally went into a tournament of the strongest beings of 6 Universes and has fought a god of destruction, yet he gets tired by fighting Diana, okayyy
4/5 c16 brianwood978
Haven't read ch16 yet, but I think the reason people are so but hurt is because goku is rated about the same as Zeus* by vs battle.

*End of Time Zeus is FAR higher but thats not the one here, considering the timeline.
4/5 c15 brianwood978
So I know is far too late now but vs battle wiki only uses feats and goku is rated and has Multiversal feats, plus he'd probably be on par with whis after a century of training considering how bullshit his growth is
3/7 c17 Guest
3/7 c16 Guest
3/7 c15 Guest
Don’t ever stop writing this!
3/7 c14 Guest
Amazing I love this story
3/7 c13 Guest
Long time cominc
3/7 c12 Guest
Grammar could use work but I still love it
3/7 c11 Guest
Loving this storyline
3/7 c10 Guest
Vegito vs Buu?!
3/7 c9 Guest
Vegeta vs Buu?
3/7 c8 Guest
Can’t wait to read more
3/7 c7 Guest
Love the romancd
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