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5/29 c1 Guest
I know it’s been a Super long time but please update your story it’s great
1/15 c1 p
the first thought when i see this is like "goku is weak compared to darkseid but than i realized this is goku 70 years laer he probably stronger
9/12/2021 c15 fhchshEinzbern
Faster than teleportation? You mean the time where everyone on earth run to get some boost? The feat ONLY Walley West can do because of his mastery on the speed force? And if I remember correctly, he also absorbed the speed from another planet. The planet that of the speedster that told him he can get a speed boost if everyone on his planet run.
9/10/2021 c15 1hashido00

You do realize that being "Nigh-Universal" hasn't been relevant since BOG right? Even in BOG Goku would smack those feats because he was gonna destroy a Macroverse (4 Universes, not just one) and that was while he was INTENTIONALLY TRYING TO SUPPRESS HISSELF FROM DOING THAT. Also it looks like in spite of the movie you're another DC tard who doesn't understand what SUPPRESSION is. Even though that is also explained in the Movie and beginning of anime. Also, it is stated in the Anime REPEATEDLY by Characters from Earth, the Kai's and EVEN THE NARRATOR, in addition to being SHOWN TO YOU that Goku absorbed the power from his God form into his base as he hucks an attack that would have one shot his base before IN BASE FORM. You literally cannot make an argument for Goku not being Saiyan beyond God in Base AND Goku somehow not being able to suppress himself against Trunks. Its Fallacious and disingenuous. I don't ever want to see you in any powerscaling discussion calling anyone an Idiot ever again.
8/31/2021 c47 crea9587
I have yet to comment on this

But here goes.

I had always meant to at some point in time.

But I had never got around to doing it.

Sorry about that.

Thanks for putting this amazing piece of work, though.

I also hope that you have an amazing rest of the day.

8/16/2021 c16 2Jason Todd4
I'm going to have to say you got to correct this it's called ultra instinct super Saiyan
8/15/2021 c47 4Tony Branco
I hope that this story is worked on again soon. It is honestly one of the best crossover fanficts I have ever had the pleasure of reading on here.
8/6/2021 c2 Hhhhghfyh
Ultra instinct would destroy Superman prime tbh unless it’s comic book version of Superman prime
8/6/2021 c2 Hhhhghfyh
This is stupid
7/29/2021 c47 Guest
update : (
7/24/2021 c47 9G O G E T A 9 0 0 0
Hey lets try not to talk about ppl offing themselves, keep it civil if ur gonna tell him to stfu
6/26/2021 c47 4Monster King
4/9/2021 c2 Guest
Yo, other guest, off yourself or stfu, goddamn, you annoying ass kid
4/9/2021 c1 Guest
He’s breathing heavy as fuck from a little spar? Goku literally went into a tournament of the strongest beings of 6 Universes and has fought a god of destruction, yet he gets tired by fighting Diana, okayyy
4/5/2021 c16 brianwood978
Haven't read ch16 yet, but I think the reason people are so but hurt is because goku is rated about the same as Zeus* by vs battle.

*End of Time Zeus is FAR higher but thats not the one here, considering the timeline.
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