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1/7 c2 5zachycards
s/14315627/1/Going-In-Completely-Blind-Non-Canon - My fic that has this fic used in it, albeit edited quite a bit.
7/22/2023 c1 zachycards
For those who are asking when he is going to update this version of his fanfic. I am going to answer for him and say that unfortunately this version is going to be rewritten. However, through his permission, I have taken this fanfic of his, and have used it in my wedding peach sailor moon crossover fanfic. if any of you want, I can provide you with a link to it?
12/25/2022 c1 730mary.okeeffe.16
I love the Japanese/English language guide(Very informative).

And your title reminds me of the battle cry from W. I. T. C. H.
11/6/2022 c8 Guest
Please update.
6/22/2021 c8 SailorPeridot
are you ever going to finish this story?
8/19/2018 c4 1Crispina
lt is a cute story. I like the last part of this chapter: It is short but impactful. It is really easy to picture. I haven’t seen Salior Moon, so the beach sence was a little confusing when Haruka helped her lover up, who was also someone elses lover, until it said a kid was walking with his 3 parents. It’s a good story so far.
1/19/2017 c1 mark
That's not to say that Wonder Woman isn't already violent and aggressive, but she certainly is compared to Sailor Moon and Wedding Peach.
1/17/2017 c1 mark
One more thing-Usagi and Luna don't know who Momoko is? Wedding Peach is, with the exception of certain Princess of Mercury, probably the most beautiful magical girl in the whole genre even before she's transformed, with a heart so pure she makes Wonder Woman look violent and aggressive. And Sailor Moon is Sailor Moon. Luna and Queen Serenity probably knew Angel Sakura and Queen Aphrodite personally.
1/16/2017 c2 mark
In Sailor Moon, the word Youma only refers to the monsters sent by the Dark Kingdom.
1/16/2017 c1 mark
If this is set after the end of Sailor Moon, Usagi would not be like she was in the series earlier. I mean she had matured by the end. And if Momoko has transformed, shouldn't it be Wedding Peach?
Perfect description of her transformation though. BEAUTIFUL Wedding flower, indeed.
Sailor Moon and Wedding Peach really are friends, if you believe the professional artwork.
1/14/2017 c1 mark
About An Unlikely Meeting. Didn't she become a queen?
12/12/2016 c8 Amanda27A.g
awesome very neat rini and her senshi meet the love angles
12/10/2016 c8 2Moonprincess1416
aww poor chibi usa i hope usagi comes back soon
11/4/2016 c7 Amanda27A.g
lol that never gets old with Amara, please continue.
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