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for Give Me Clemency

10/14/2023 c32 LilLadybug2312
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FINISH THIS! Every good story I read is always left unfinished. I love this story and your writing style so much!
1/26/2022 c32 6Theblueswordsman
This story has to be finished! Dick finally found out just how screwed Kory is and I gotta know the ending! Pleaaaase! Pleaaaaase pleeeeeeeeaaaaase
9/30/2021 c32 Kayla Lynne Varnell
I am hopeful to see this finished at some point it's REALLY good! :D
1/24/2021 c32 arodreader
I am so sad that I waited and waited for Dick to find out about Slade and this is where it ends off. I enjoyed reading, just wish it could’ve been finished
1/1/2021 c32 1LoneStarGirl93
Just in case
1/1/2021 c29 LoneStarGirl93
Appreciate the Carrie Underwood reference
12/30/2020 c1 LoneStarGirl93
I love this first chapter can't wait to read the rest
12/1/2020 c32 Guest
Please update soon! this was freaking amazing!
5/24/2020 c6 Cortax
Bruh nightwing should’ve just popped out for a hot second and curb stomped that lousy cunts face in
5/13/2020 c32 Nishin.ko
I just read everything and I know it’s two years later but I would also like to see the story finished. Kory deserves a happy ending after all she’s been through.
3/21/2020 c32 Crystal
Finish it
10/3/2019 c32 A troublesome drag
Umm yea remember how you said that you would finish this story because you had your heart broken by unfinished stories? Well seems like you lied since you never finished it
9/8/2019 c32 6KoriCarrigan
This story is great!
7/9/2019 c32 Andi
Id lové to see how this ends! Does Dick save the two of them or does one of the friends intervene cuz Dick called Rachel or something at 3am saying something felt wrong? I'm not sure how many more chapters it would take but I'm excited to see how kory and Richard get themselves out of this situation
1/30/2019 c32 Samlovescaptainswan
I’m VERY interested.
I fell in love with it and I hope you finish it.
Thanks for sharing. <3
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