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7/28/2016 c26 1Miss Daenerys
Awww hope Richard tells her how he feels soon! Love this story!
7/27/2016 c24 11Saphire Raider
Awwww I just want them to catch a break that's longer than 5 seconds but I know more bad has to come. This story is great tho. Good job
7/27/2016 c26 titanlove1023
This chapter made my heart melt! I think I read over that last part about 3 times...
I'm glad that they are taking things slowly; it makes your story more exciting to read and I love the build up of emotion.
7/27/2016 c26 2SalaciousSymphonies
I loved this chapter. It was all fluffy and squishy and gave me fuzzy heart feels. :3

For the record, I have seen MUCH WORSE spelling. I mean, spelling that would make you want to gouge your eyes out. Either I can just handle it or there's something up in my brain that made me overlook stuff. O_O

Thanks again for having me on as your beta! I love this story so, so much, and I can't wait until the next update. 3

Stay chill.

7/26/2016 c26 TheUltimateStar
Oh my soul... I am crying! Why can't I have a guy like Richard!? Ugh this was so sweet and awesome and I can't even describe my feelings! He is so freaking sweet! I can't even... Also the begining of this chapter was well ya know... Also Vic hearing Richard talk in his sleep absolutely killed me. Lol. Yes! The boundaries are broken and those kisses were absolutely amazing! When he spoke in that language and he said I will tell u someday. Literally melted my heart, I teared up! How did you come up with that! That was so beautiful like oh my soul... This got me right in the heart!

Wow! My mind is so freaking blown! In the midst of Kori's terrible life she got a shining light. Aww this chapter was definitely my favorite and it is so hard because all of your chapters are amazing. THIS IS THE BEST, YOUR WRITING IS THE BEST, IN FACT THIS WHOLE STORY IS A MIRACLE! I don't think I can gush about this anymore! Please update soon love from T.U.S
7/26/2016 c25 TheUltimateStar
HALLELUJAH! That stupid hoe is gone! Yay! Yay! Yay! Bruh I am so happy he kicked her out! Karma sucks huh kitten? Don't mess with Kori! A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Honestly that ending of this chapter was heartbreaking! I really can't wait till slade is out cuz I will throw a fireworks show just for that special occasion! Ugh I am so pissed! Kori finally wants some help and Richard wasn't available. Ugh she was so close to be out of the nightmare! But I can't expect everything to be all happy in a single chapter. Aww Richard in love is the best thing and I can't wait until he and Kori finally get together and I honestly am so pumped for that!

First off, don't be too hard on yourself! This chapter was not weak at all! Believe me if any of your chapters were weak I would tell you. This was so awesome! Every aspect of this story is phenomenal. This is so beautiful! I have felt so many emotions reading each chapter! Your writing has just blown me away! Update soon love from T.U.S
7/26/2016 c26 Amazingxlivexlovexlaughx3
This was perfection. They are so fricken cute. I can't even... I'm really at loss of words. The gang knows he has been in love with Kory for story months now. The whole gang has somebody I'm loving this we are just simply waiting on Dick and Kory. Yeeeeeessss!He can give her flowers in public now! He is also willing to buy her dress for the dance. They need to make out already! I really thought it was about to be their first kiss lol. It's all good though! Take your time I'm most certainly not complaining. He was watching as Kory hugged Vic lol I love your version of Dick he is always jealous when Kory makes any interaction with a guy that's not him. It was cute. She said the Cream from Boston, that was adorable. I can't deal. Kitten is finally gone. This chapter was amazingly refreshing without her in it. Let's not for get about Dick's wet dream oh gosh and then when he was really making connections with their whole scene at the end lol. Then, what he said at the ending really blew me away they are perfection. I am really feeling this character development that's going on. I can't wait for the next chapter!
7/26/2016 c26 shootingstarssel
Can't wait to see what happens in the dance it's going to be exciting but I feel that something bad is going to happen and I love how Dick said 'I think I love you' so cute (and he doesn't think he does, he knows that he loves Kory)
7/23/2016 c25 green lights
I honeslty wouldn't call this a weak chapter if you ask me. Maybe I'm just finally glad Kitten is out of the picture because tbh it was kinda starting to get stale and repetitive with Kitten's blackmail episodes. I mean, 25 chapters. Kitten's not exactly the greatest character (not just because she's a bitch but because she's just really a badly created character) so I think it's understandable if people easily get bored and things get cliche and cringy when she's around. It's about time the story moves on from her drama.

BUT! I'm very VERY excited for the next chapter, seeing how there won't any major Kitten drama anymore (god i hope not, i think we've had enough of her) and we finally get to see more of Kory's plan of action as well as Dick's.

Btw, I'm sorry if I sounded mean, it's never my intention. I honestly appreciate how you take time to build your story, not many do it like you do anymore. I just became impatient with Kitten's long side drama when the real bigger deal is with Slade.
7/23/2016 c24 TheUltimateStar
Wow that last quote was so amazing! Aww please get together! Y'all are too sweet not too! Ugh why are they so cute! Wow this chapter was amazing. Your writing is so good! Wow I can't wait for next chapter! Love from T.U.S
7/23/2016 c25 Amazingxlivexlovexlaughx3
! This was so good I can't even. Slade and his ice bullets! How did he know where Komi was even going to be? He really felt hurt because he though he and Komi had some kind of understand
When Dick told Kory that he would always be there for her my heart melted. I'm so ready for them to finally be together it's unreal. Then, when he said later on that he was afraid of hurting her. And he couldn't wait to call her his.
Finally! Kitten is gone! I got that same feeling that Dick and Vic got when she left right away after they told her. That was very un-kitten-like lol she definitely has something else up her sleeve. But, hey if that's it for kitten I'm more than happy that it is lol.
Kory was about to get out of . She has her bags packed and everything. She is ready! I'm ready for her too!lol Dick has to save her! Slade is horrible. Awww I hope she is extatic ( I might have spelled that wrong) about the news although she might be really upset since Slade just did something horrible to her again. She will probably be distant since The end of this chapter really broke my heart.
7/23/2016 c25 31valagator
Omg I missed three chapters?! Wow! Great chapter, I really loved it (as usual). I've been writing my own story, it's not Teen Titans but I wanted to ask your advice. I'm scared that people aren't enjoying what I'm writing. I haven't gotten any hate, but I feel like I'm losing their interest. Any tips that could help? (If you want to read the story, it's called Embers) thanks a million!
7/22/2016 c25 shootingstarssel
Cliff hanger, I can't wait until the next chapter and I have the feeling that Kitten has something else up her very very disgusting pink sleeve. I'm really hoping that Dick saves Kory from Slade.
7/22/2016 c25 2SalaciousSymphonies
Y'know...I imagine Tameran as being hella technologically advanced to the point that they could make ice bullets a real thing. You even mentioned in the flashback that they didn't ALWAYS work. So...I mean...Still some plausibility there.
I enjoyed the chapter. I honestly did. Can't wait until the next one's ready! :3
7/18/2016 c24 Guest
God I want to kill kitten! She's keeping my otp from getting together :(
I hope that's the farthest kitten and dick go because I can't handle them going any farther honestly, it'll ruin me.
I hope things get better between dick and Kori soon! Can't wait for the next update :)
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