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for Give Me Clemency

1/12/2019 c32 Ali
Finish it please. Don't move on. Seriously, I'm still waiting for an ending and I dont even remember when I read this.
12/21/2018 c33 9Univerzes
I love this story and would love another chapter ️
12/1/2018 c32 Guest
I just read all of your story in one night ( well technically it’s 2 am here). I would love to read the rest of your story if you are up to finishing it! It seems like you are so close to the final resolution! Perhaps have Bruce Wayne finally step in because it turns out that despite Dicks doubts, Bruce really does care and and always makes sure to know where dick spends the night even if dick doesn’t know it! I dunno it’s your story! I simply hope to read the end result of your story! It’s great by the way! Couldn’t put it down!
11/28/2018 c32 1starfire226
oh my gosh! I have been reading this and I am in love with it! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE CONITNUE!
9/29/2018 c24 16Rochelleteentitan
I lied. Still reading. It's just so good!
9/28/2018 c23 Rochelleteentitan
I really like your story! I've read 23 chapters over the last 3 hours. I plan to read the rest tomorrow!
8/13/2018 c32 1oghren
When I first saw you update this story again, I didn't check to see if you made a brand new chapter, instead I decided to re-read it. Now after seeing so many abandonment notes I started to check each story I had opened, and I'm saddened to see this is one of those. I really do hope you come back and finish this story, because from what I have re-read it still is an amazing one. So please finish it.
8/7/2018 c1 Guest
Regarding “Give Me Clemency,”

I recognize your difficulties, I can’t pretend I’m not nine chapters into writing a Doctor Who/Haruhi Suzumiya fanfic that’s been languishing for about two years now (been cartooning for awhile instead). But if you could find the time, it would be great to see this story finished. I’d heard of this premise years ago, and once I found it I was really interested to see where you were taking it.

It has a lot of different angles beyond the main plot, and a plethora of interesting, grounded versions of the Titans characters.

It’s one of those stories where there isn’t a clear resolution in view, where I really don’t know how it can end. It’s really gotten under my skin.
8/5/2018 c32 Ava
I love the story so far and would love if you could continue writing I’ve been binge reading and I can’t wait for more material if you do decide to continue thank you for the hours of amazing writing
7/29/2018 c32 Guest
I would love it if you finished Clemency. This story has been a rich buffet of teen angst and some sweet alternate versions of our favorite Titans. It’s your choice, of course, but it feels so close to completion, I’d just as soon see it done.
7/18/2018 c32 1nanima
If you're still thinking about finishing this story please do! It really is one of the best robstar/dickkory fics Ive ever read, hell even one of the best fics Ive ever read period. It hits all the angst comfort romance that I love. I totally understand wanting to move on from old fics, but if you do decide to come back to this Ill be waiting and super happy for it! Especially since things have hit the fan, so to speak. It really is just lovely work. Thanks so much for what you have written! Even if it never gets finished Im super glad I got to read what you have.
7/18/2018 c30 nanima
Ahh you had them address the "getting off too easy!" Sorry I got ahead of myself. Also I havent mentioned this yet but I love love love love the way you write BBRae it super fits them so, so well.
7/18/2018 c29 nanima
I kind of feel like Dick got off so easy here? Dont get me wrong I still choked up with the song and everything you do this angst/comfort SO WELL its crazy, but maybe since he just doesnt know whats going on he cant really be pushed away too much or he'll really not be there anymore, if that makes sense. Still a great chapter! Still crazy emotional writing I love it
7/18/2018 c28 nanima
Everytime I think it cant get worse it does! But its the best angst oh my god.
7/18/2018 c26 nanima
There are not enough exclamation points! This was everything! Again super incoherent Im sorry my reviews are so all over the place, but this chapter was so lovely! It started off so sad and frustrating (well done!) and the end was just perfect. Absolutely perfect! Well worth the wait
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