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9/4 c19 Gengarzilla
And like others, you've missed out on so much because Traveler has improved substantially since those first few chapters. I don't think people who admit to bailing out at chapter 5 of a 63-and counting chapter work have any business critiquing said work now, but sure, you do you. Just remember that you haven't even read 10% of it before you try it say it isn't "special".
9/3 c1 tsougrhs.59
oh what is this?!
one more story where giovani is ash's father?
ahhaha lololol
8/9 c13 Paulans1
absolutely loving the rewrite version! I mean the original was good... but the legendary beasts? the training veteran? inspired! but I reeeaaally wanna keep reading so when's the next chapter rewrites? no updates in ages so some clarification would be awesome
7/26 c19 Pokemon-Fan
Without any type of desire to hate or flame, but Traveler isn't really that special...

Like others I managed to start it reading from the moment the author posted said story on this site and I couldn't pass over chapter 5 when he reached there...

One thing is that trying to make pokemon overly realistic is kind of ridiculous in my opinion considering the main source,but then going and pump the story full of supernatural stuff created a unreadable mess for me...
Though of course I respect those like you who enjoys and currently keep enjoying those themes in Traveler.

In my opinion your story is much better than Traveler proof is that I'm at chapter 19 and looking forward to read more of it...
Albeit I admit not knowing who Kukui along with Ash's Aunt and cousin is as I dropped the anime after Ash lost to Alain in Kalos and stopped playing the games after the masterpieces known as Pokemon White 2 and Black 2, really doubt anything else can top the engaging story of those games...
7/25 c13 19Curiosity44
I like this story. It’s not as downright drawing me like a moth to the flame as ‘Traveler’ does, but it’s got its own powerful draw that does wonders.

With that said, personally, I would have appreciated the rewrite to be separate from the old version so I could read both. This was highly confusing and I can see how the end of chap 12 will have big changes to this chapter.

Thanks for writing this. Hopefully your still doing the rewrite.
7/19 c29 Sozin's Flame
Great story would love to see an update!
6/19 c1 Vonta01
Update please
6/18 c1 majikss
6/18 c12 SuperKamiGuru97
This story still alive?
6/12 c1 zakhelerythem
rereading this a lot when browsing inside Fanfic looking for new stories still one of the best pity its been put on ice. On another note Pikachu should have had Payback or Nasty plot given his Nature and Sobek isn't using his dark type to the fullest
6/5 c8 Vonta01
You still alive
5/9 c5 Turtletipper123
I like your writing style, you're really good at writing battles. I've seen some people try to write battles but they really weren't that good.
4/22 c29 Rouge Dynasty
Wow I love just about everything unique about this story honestly if I had a vague sense of what happened in the anime I would think all this. Was cannon
4/6 c13 1Oni244
Okay, was confused at first but then I double-checked the reviews and notes everywhere to be sure. Having an update spree is great to hear, I do that a lot with my own writing so I hope these chapters are kind to you as you go along revamping the story! Though may I ask that you post a temporary chapter at the end explaining it or the like? Either way gonna keep an eye on this to see when the next chapter is revamped, I love this Ash and his adventures. He's got a good balance of the one we all know and a bit of Red's strength and skill (love how you gave him Red as a middlename too because of that.)
3/29 c29 CrimsontheBloodyDemonKing
Can’t wait for the next chapter, I’ve binged this fic over the past few days and can hardly wait for what comes next.
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