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7/12 c29 grimreaper40045
whut a latios
7/1 c13 ArgonDFowl
For those who don't know, the author is rewriting this story. The story is updated as of Chapter 12. Chapter 13 onwards hasn't been updated yet, which is why it looks completely out of sync with the previous chapter. The author might or might not return to this story right after he finishes his current mad writing rush on Brothers by Dragons, which I btw highly recommend for people who have read Eragon. Hope this clears up some confusion.
6/30 c29 SketchPlan
I reread eveything in the story over again and really quite shock on big changes but still it's pleasant to read over again just like a new amazing story that got me hooked up.
I'm glad you perfected some chapters but because of you constant change of content some dialogue are quite uhhmm... relatable?. But still overall love this.
6/29 c13 3Blacksoundwave
First, I got to say that I love this story of yours. It’s a great take on the Pokemon world and I really like it.
Second, the beginning of this chapter was confusing as all hell. We went from Pyro evolving after battling Feraligatr at Gyrados’ cove to Ash waking up in a bed in Oak’s laboratory? He also apparently beat down an Aerodactyl and a Rhydon? I was throughly confused. I think you forgot to update this chapter or it was maybe too long to finish updates just yet or something, but I recommend doing that ASAP. The rest of the chapter was splendid as always.
Third, You might want to try adding a filler arc or something between the Gyrados cove and St. Anne arcs to make things a little less confusing and more stable. Like have him make his way to Vermilion after leaving the cove and run into Oak’s assistants of a research trip and have Ash help them. And after all the mess, have them give him the water stone. That way you can keep the beginning of this chapter relatively the same. That’s just an idea I came up with off the top of my head. Use it if you want or not, not my decision, but I believe it could help with the flow of the story.
Finally, I just want to say that you are doing a fantastic job and I hope to continue to throughly enjoy the story.
6/20 c13 stormking92
hey, first time writing, just hoping that you will update soon your story is a good read and very interesting
6/13 c12 I-Nex-I
“… so Ash made a note in his PokeNav's training logs to teach the electric type how to use techniques like Double Team, Agility, and Light Screen.”

Doesn’t Pikachu already know Agility? He used it in Chapter 7. I saw on AO3 that there was 12 chapters posted, but unsure if you just didn’t get around to updating this one on FFNet
6/12 c22 Namittheking
i was really hoping ash would get froakie so i was very disappointed when you didnt go with that. i guess you have something else in mind. Greninja is honestly one of my favourite pokemon and i loved it with ash in the anime.
6/1 c29 Dennis Spiral-flame 55
Yup, I wish you luck with working on the fic! And I'mma follow and favorite you and the story!
5/28 c22 157Stormy1x2
You know, I love this fic and I love the way you write but giving Misty Froakie just... no. well, I know which parts of this fic I'll be skipping from here on out.
5/25 c12 haziqsaffari2
Interesting training chapter, Pyro finally evolved! The veteran Gyarados was awesome, and so are the other water types.
5/25 c10 haziqsaffari2
Yay, a Dratini, good catch.
5/25 c7 haziqsaffari2
Whoa, Legendaries made their appearances. Can't wait to see the rest.
5/25 c4 haziqsaffari2
Cynthia's in Kanto for work, so she's not champion yet then. How will Ash heal Eevee? Second Badge gained, nice.
5/25 c3 haziqsaffari2
This is a good story, and there is still 26 more chapters. Lucky to find this story, can't wait to read the rest. Paul seems more decent here.
5/23 c29 5GotTheMovesLikeYaegar
Pikachu is back! I've really enjoyed reading this story that you've made. It is well written and very well paced, it feels like actual progression happens as time moves forwards. Personally, I believe you are being a little too on-the-nose with your teachers. It's not that they wouldn't be willing to help, but it feels a bit convenient that they would just be there and willing to help.

I did catch up on your story, though, so I doubt I'll be seeing this story very often. Good luck on finishing it, though!

P. tone it down for the 'agepower' thing that you've shown. It really makes it feel like Pyro or any pokemon will not be able to catch up without years and years of training, and while that may be realistic, it devalues the effort Ash is going through.
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