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1/20 c30 1ChronoHex
I'm really relieved that this story is not dead after all!

This is my first and favorite pokemon fic, so I was a bit worried when there hadn't been a new chapter in a while. But I'm thankful that you still pulled through in the end, even if it's not really a new chapter and more of an anouncement, any news is better than wondering if the story is dead.

I really mean it when I say that you deserve mad respect. Even after realizing that you're not happy with the direction your story has been going, you still decided to rewrite it instead of abandoning it.

Most other people would've just dropped the ball after that realization, but you didn't, and for that you really deserve the utmost praise.

I'll definetely follow Challenger's rebirth on Ao3. Keep up the amazing work, and don't worry about taking too long, Rome wasn't built in a day after all!
1/20 c30 VoidGivenForm
Personally, I'm a bit relieved, because it I kinda lost track of the plot during one of the large break in updates and was dreading rereading it just to get the plot back.
Stay safe, wherever you are, and I'll be watching for updates.
1/20 c30 26Nightquesttarja
Oh man! I'm so happy to hear this story will continue! Just know that I support your decision to rework the story and I'll be with you as you update it. This is seriously good news!
1/20 c30 ZeroExia
How in the world... you know what never made I’m a reader not a writer but I’ll bookmark the first chapter so when you update with the refined chapters I’ll start from the begging
1/20 c30 zakhelerythem
Nooooh!I dropped sprained my anyone celebration for nothing sooo cruel!..
1/20 c30 3Rusty Thebanite
I am a patient bear. As long as you are well and it's still gonna happen at all I'm okay.
1/20 c30 1buterflypuss
what name do you use on Ao3 and is ch 1 already up so i can bookmark the rewrite?
1/20 c30 Muhammad Ibrahim Faisal
Thank god man
I will be waiting for the rewrite
1/20 c30 60CharmedMilliE- Karry Master
Is your pen name the same on archive? I prefer reading on archive anyway
1/20 c30 Guest
Yosh. I’m very glad that your not dropping this man it’s honestly one of the good pokemon fanfictions on this website like most of the pokemon fanfictions are bad there grammar is just awful. Although they have good ideas they just don’t know how to word out them out.

-Sincerely P01X
1/20 c30 Guest
Hey, super glad that this Fic isn’t being abandoned. I had actually had the thought a few days ago to re-read this, but now I’m glad I didn’t so I can read the improved version on AO3. Good luck and Godspeed with writing new content for it, very much excited!
1/20 c30 Pokefan
Is cool don't worry about it.
Granted I'm the kind of loser that instantly drop any story in which Ash somehow and someway still gets Pikachu, but yours keep me captivated and and you're a Legend in Fanfiction cuz your writing skills are almost on a pro-level.

Tho this chap got kinda glitched.
1/20 c30 2LuxBeacon
So are you going back and editing the entire story or are you going to make a Challenger 2.0 as a separate story?
1/20 c30 a3daN
i eagerly wait for the updated history
1/20 c30 Cadelorbe12
Rewrite? All aboard the hype train!
No, but seriously, I'm super exited to have you back; thanks for the notice!
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